6 / 9 /12 Seats Motion Theater Simulator 5D Cinema

High-tech Amazing Amusement Ride 6 / 9 /12 Seats Motion Simulator 5D Cinema Description of 5D cinema / 5D theater 5D cinema simulator is unique successful commercial hi-tech product, views just need to wear 3d glasses and then you can feel the reality world with raining, snowing, windy,...
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High-tech Amazing Amusement Ride 6 / 9 /12 Seats Motion Simulator 5D Cinema 

Description of 5D cinema / 5D theater

5D cinema simulator is unique successful commercial hi-tech product, views just need to wear 3d glasses and then you can feel the reality world with raining, snowing, windy, lightening, etc according to the movie plot. It breaks the limit of virtual and real world and takes viewer amazing experience.


The main difference between 5D cinema and 3D format, in particular, is that 3D lies in visual effects experienced by the audience while watching a movie. Using 5D equipment gives the opportunity to involve not only sight and hearing but other organs of human senses such as touch and smell, even lost gravity!


Specification of 5D cinema:

Control system

Computer control, control the motion seat with 3D movie with special effect.

Seats system

6 Dof (degree of freedom), hydraulic and electric system

Screen system

4:3 ,16:9, size will be designed according to your room size

Sound system

professional 5.1 Sound system

Special effects system

Motion seats can move up and down, vibration, leg sweep, air and water, environment effects including bubble, smoke, snow, rain, lightning, fire, aroma, smoke, wind…

Auxiliary system

Stereoscopic glasses, controlling system software, pipelines, projectors, screen and so on


Electric and hydraulic system:

The hydraulic platform is assembled with 6 hydraulic cylinders, 2 iron platforms, engine, control unit and air cooler. Along with the different combinations of 6 cylinders' up-and-down movement, the upper platform moves toward 6 dofs, X,Y,Z,  α, β, γ, to simulate the real world. Only with 6 Dof cylinders, the movement can reach to every direction. 



For electric system, it use servo motor, our electric system use 6 electric cylinder (6 Dof, 6 Degree of freedom), and only with 6 cylinders movement can reach to every direction. It is the best system for mini motion cinema with more accurate movements, no noise and non-maintenance. Electric system's motion is softer; more accurate, also it has three speed models. You can change different speed depend on different customers.


5D cinema motion seats:


5D cinema system equipment:



Standard Room size demand of 5D 7D cinema:

5D cinema chairs

 Room size (L*W*H), meter

6 seats

  6 * 3 * 3 m

9 seats

  6 * 3 * 3 m

8 seats

 6 * 3.5 * 3 m

12 seats

 6 * 3.5 * 3 m

More seats

 Depends on how many seats you want



1. Q: Can I use my own movies?

A: We have our own film department, if you have a 3D movies, we can make movement and add special effects to it.

2. Q: What after sale service I can get?

A: We offer you one 1 warranty, and lifelong technical support. If any part broken during 1 year, we will change new part. If after 1 year, we just charge you the real material cost.

3. Q: Where can I get new movies?

A: We will update you 1-2 new movies per month after you buy our cinema.

4. Q: Can you send a technician to do the installation?

A: For the installation we offer you 3 options:

A: You can come to our factory in person or send your technicians, we have our professional technicians teaching you how to install and operate 7D and offering you training.

B: Send you installation instructions, pictures and videos showing you the installation of 7D step by step.

C: We are very experienced in overseas installation by dispatching our technician to your location to complete the installation of 7D. normally we send one technician and takes 3 to 5 days for installation. But for the fees like visa, round-trip tickets, accommodation of our technician should be taken in customer's account.

5. Q: Can I have more seats of the 5D cinema?

A: Yes, we are making 2 seats, 3 seats, 4 seats, 5 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats, 9 seats and 12 seats on one platform. If you want make a big 5D cinema, we can add more platforms with seats controlled by one computer, the movements of all seats are synchronous.




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