Indoor Playground Kids Ball Pit Ball Cleaning Wash Machine

Indoor Playground Kids Ball Pit Ball Cleaning Wash Machine

Automatic Ocean Ball Clean Washing Machine Plastic Ball Dry Machine Features 1.Special thermostat motor: 6-8 hours of sustainable and stable operation according to different ambient temperatures 2.Double brake universal wheel: single load 160kg, stronger, more durable, safer. 3.Electromagnetic...
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Indoor playground Kids ball pit ball cleaning wash machine 

Among the many children's rides, the ocean ball is the most popular game for children. Thousands of colorful small plastic balls are piled up in a large pool. Children play and play because the ocean ball is used for a long time. There are bacteria, it is difficult to avoid the existence of health hazards. Therefore, the health ball needs regular cleaning and disinfection, and hundreds of millions of ocean balls are used. The manual cleaning method not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also has low work efficiency.

Easyfun marine ball washing machine technical features:

A marine ball washing machine, comprising: a ball washing machine and an air dryer, the ball washing machine and the air dryer are connected, the ball washing machine comprises a suction ball unit and a ball washing machine body, and the air dryer comprises a air dryer Body and air drying device;

Product parameters

Product Name:

Indoor playground Kids ball pit ball cleaning wash machine 












1 Set


PE+304 Stainless steel

Place of origin

Guangzhou, China

Suitable place

Game center, Theme park, Mall, Water park, Children's Garden, etc.


1 year, lifetime technical support

 automatic ball washing machine

ball cleaning machine

ball cleaning wash machine

Use steps:

1. Take the machine to water injection zone, close both the bottom valves of main tank and filter tank of washing machine at the same time. 

2. Connect one end of hose to the faucet, put the other end into the main tank, and inject water to the water line.

3.Pour about 50-100 ml special cleaning liquid into the main machine tank.

4.Connect the plug to power supply, Attention:

In China mainland: the 220v, 3-core 2.5 mm2 national standard power cable must be used for power supply, 16A socket, in other countries and areas: match according the motor power, voltage and frequency.

5.Connect the suction tube and transporting tube.

6.Install the air-dry cloth sack,(attention:  the connection joint between cloth and fan must be fixed on the rubber ring by stainless steel clamp, to prevent water overflowing. ), The air-dry cloth sack must be extended in straight line, to prevent blocking.

7. Turn on the ball washing switch, the ball suction switch, the ball spitting switch.

8.Machine stats to work normally, at the time of ball suction, please keep constant speed of suction. 

9.Inject water into the main box regularly, suggest that supply once every 60 minutes(the water taken by balls would be replenished according to the real status)

10.When the washing is finished, disconnect the power, take the machine to the draining water zone, unplug the main box and drain-pipe, and open the drain valve to drain off water.

11. Open the bottom valve of filter tank, drain off the seeper. And wash it by clean water, and wipe the machine inside and outside dry. Put it back.


catch balls ---> ultraviolet-ray sterilization --->washing ocean balls ---->dry ocean  balls-----> finish

Ball Pool Pit Washing Machine Details


1. Washing ball


2.After washing, the next step is to enter the drying area



3.High quality motor and operating platform


Package and delivery




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