Restaurant Disinfection Spray Machine Kindergarten Disinfecting Fogger Machine Supermarket Fogging Disinfectant Machine

Removable rechargeable disinfection machine for killing Coronaviruses Easyfun removable and rechargeable disinfection machine, using high-precision metal material, durable, compact appearance, easy to move, the disinfection machine is not only for disinfection and sterilization, but also for...
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Restaurant disinfection spray machine kindergarten disinfecting fogger machine supermarket fogging disinfectant machine

Now the COVID-19 is becoming the public medical problem in the word

The environment of human life needs thorough disinfection. The Easyfun smoke sterilizer, by atomizing the disinfectant into polymer smoke, sprays it into the air, eliminating viruses on the air or objects. Small size, rechargeable, long working time and simple operation.


Disinfecting Machine

Easyfun removable rechargeable disinfection machine parameters

Product  Name

Restaurant disinfection spray machine kindergarten disinfecting fogger machine supermarket fogging disinfectant machine







Atomizing   flow rate

2.5L/hour,Area  200 m³ /hour

Water   level



High-precision metal outer,Stainless steel water tank

Recharging   times


Working   hours

3-4 hours




1 Set

Place   of origin

Guangzhou,  China

Suitable   place

Children's  indoor playground, naughty castle, kindergarten, home, hospital, office,  subway, airport, etc. anywhere.


1  year, lifetime technical support

Easyfun air disinfection machine functions

Function 1: Environmental and equipment disinfection,Put special disinfectant to the water in rate , the machine will atomized the diluted disinfectant into nano-scale water molecules, then those atomized molecules are sprayed out through a special chimney pipeline , direct the outlet of the pipe to the location where disinfection is required ,carry out the omnidirectional disinfection of escherichia coli,staphylococcus aureus,molds to the amusement facilities ,environment,air, floor and any other surface .

Function 2: Air humidification 
Poured the pure water or tap water into the internal water tank , machine will atomized the water and sprayed out to the air , effectively humidify the dry indoor air and significantly improve the air quality.

Disinfecting Fogger Machine 

How to use disinfection machine

1. Charge the disinfection machine

2. Add a good proportion of disinfectant

3. Start the machine with one click

4. Align the spray pipe to the place to be disinfected and start disinfection

5. After disinfection, clean the water tank, dry it, and store it.

indoor disinfectant machine 

After-sale Service

1. After receiving the machine, open the wooden frame, no need to install, and use it directly.

2. The warranty period is 12 months,and we provide lifetime technical support.

3. We have professional team offers technical support to customers. 24 hours online services and our technicians will help our customers solve the problems in time.



Easyfun sterilizer machine is suit for children's playground, or office, home, public environment, airport, train station, subway, etc., any place you want to disinfect can use Easyfun rechargeable sterilizer.

sterilizer machine for killing Coronaviruses


1.How can I solve the products malfunction?

Please show us what problem happened, then our professional technicians will provide you solution in 24 hours.


We Offer OEM service.

3.Products quality control

All our products passed the CE. We have special supervision team control the quality and ensure all the products will be inspected carefully before delivery.


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