2018 CES watch VR: technological breakthrough will become the market turning point.

- Jan 13, 2018-

2018 CES watch VR: technological breakthrough will become the market turning point.


At the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, which opened on January 9th, there were 46 games and VR exhibitors, down 36% from 72 in 2017.

CIC burning consulting executive director Dong Xiaolei knowledge in an interview with the daily economic news "reporter said, CES exhibition on the first day, the most striking is VR, giants shows the new technology to promote the promotion of VR. Future VR applications will be limited to the social entertainment, there are more possibilities, such as the combination of artificial intelligence, applied to medical treatment, education, retail, real estate, war industry high value-added industries. It is believed that with the continuous improvement of hardware and technology, VR cost will be reduced, and more people will be able to experience the "immersive" sensory enjoyment.

The VR market is facing a turning point in 2018, and the breakthrough of technology will become the watershed of the VR industry, and the perfect integration of technology and more high-quality content will be the future development direction of VR.

VR goes into a bubble and still has a future.

In May 2014, two Google engineers released a VR glasses boxes, called "Cardboard" before long, strong VR cyclone is from silicon valley to shenzhen, in the production of VR glasses manufacturers have mushroomed appeared, the most crazy time, shenzhen alone has more than 1000 VR glasses factory work overtime production.

"At the end of 2015, a friend made 400, 000 yuan a day when VR glasses exploded." The general manager of shenzhen meiweiyuan technology co., LTD., who was also involved in VR glasses, was very impressed with shaohua.

In just two years, an industry that was supposed to bet on the future was covered with a "running suit" and a "quick buck" label. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers cut corners, and the cheapest VR glasses cost less than $1.

"This year, there are only about 100 factories in shenzhen that make VR glasses." 'in the context of the near-meager profit, the players in the game are retreating, leaving behind most of the brands that are planning to go deep into VR,' he said.

When asked "why not go away with a vote", he expressed confidence in the development of VR hardware. He said that Europe and the United States are both the most abundant production sites for VR content and the most mainstream consumer market for VR hardware. The use of VR is not limited to games and movies. Some overseas customers have started to try to apply the VR glasses box to education, medicine, tourism and even real estate.

Market opportunities and challenges coexist.

At CES in 2018, there are still many familiar VR manufacturers.

Mr. Dong said that Intel's keynote speech focused on new VR technologies, including True VR and True View. On the hardware side, Intel and NVIDA both announced plans to develop high-performance chips.

"In recent years, the development of VR has been extremely slow and difficult, mainly due to the low permeability and poor content of the hardware." Dong Xiaolei pointed out that at the current technical level, frame rate and delay are not up to standard, equipment refresh rate is not high, can't allow the user to achieve the result of completely, it is easy to jump out of virtual reality, immersive is greatly reduced. At the same time, the transmission of VR content requires ultra-high-speed processing chips, ultra-high-speed network transmission and super-large storage space. These high performance hardware and infrastructure network facilities are expensive, resulting in the difficulty of VR popularization.

After a number of industry insiders told reporters earlier, VR market to achieve expected, technical breakthroughs must be the prerequisite, and the perfect combination of technology with more high quality content, is the development direction of VR next.

Dong xiaolei also has some concerns, the big VR manufacturers have a very different view of what kind of content can drive the consumption of the market. "HTC said at CES 2018 that VR is ready to take over the PC and enter the" VR first "game era. Intel is committed to the development of VR film and television communication. Facebook is trying to create a VR social platform... Different emphases make VR software universal and poor. It is worth noting that the establishment of Intel Studio is good news at CES in 2018, and it is believed that there will be more and more high-quality content in the near future. In general, due to the high end price and poor content supply, the VR development has been hindered, and the VR penetration rate has been slowed down.

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