2018 latest lottery machine: lucky ball game machine

- Oct 23, 2018-

2018 latest lottery machine: lucky ball game machine


Dolby's newly developed new concept lottery machine has become a venue revenue highlight with a fast lottery mode! After being placed in a video game city, the amount of coins collected is more than 10,000, and the daily average is 2,700. The products are highly praised!


<Lucky Ball>

Size: length 121* section 84* height 250cm (excluding turntable 186)


Play, non-picture virtual currency; play is simple, easy to understand, stimulating, interesting; rich BONUS awards, attract players to play first; novel, rich, multi-faceted machine shape and lighting sound interaction, improve overall playability In the gameplay, a model of 5 million grand prizes, customs clearance and a quick lottery ticket will be created to create more lottery opportunities.

The machine can control the profit award. According to the situation of the venue, the gear is uncontrollable. The player needs to control the small ball on the gear to pass the three-stage gear with increasing difficulty. The three-stage gear is a random mode. Grand prize; the lottery exchange ratio is adjustable;


Planning Notes: The number of main game lottery tickets should be: 1-25 sheets, and a small part is not easy to get 15-100 lottery tickets for attracting tokens. The main axis of the game is to accumulate a large amount of gold coins, and the game assists a large number of lottery tickets as the main axis.


The 2018 field test data revenue report shows that <Lucky Ball> has an average daily receipt of 1,730, the latest venue revenue weapon, and the 18-day coin-collecting volume exceeded 30,000.