2018 new hot gift machine

- Oct 31, 2018-

2018 new hot gift machine

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"Rainbow Paradise " is the latest 4-person children's gift machine. The product has added powerful functions such as automatic hydration and five-level difficulty adjustment, which makes the management of the operator easier, more reliable and more worry-free.

1. Change the opening method of the glass cover, which is more convenient and quicker:

Considering that the equipment is popular in the venue, and the players win the prize in minutes, especially on holidays, the gift will be replenished for an average of half an hour. If the glass cover is removed every time the gift is added, it will take time and effort. We designed a semi-automatic lifting glass cover on the product. After opening the lock on one side with the key, the glass cover is propped up by the hydraulic strut. The single person can complete the operation of supplementing various gifts within 20 seconds, which is convenient and fast! You can also open the glass cover by opening the locks on both sides.

2, The new console and gift port lights, the lighting effect is more colorful:

The console has added lighting effects to achieve many effects such as horse racing lighting and colorful dreams. Gift exports have added constant lighting.

3. Added intelligent automatic water replenishment function:

Considering that after the equipment is operated for a long time, the water level in the water tank will drop, which will affect the winning rate of the game. The equipment is designed by the operator to intelligently replenish water, which can intelligently replenish water, keep the water level of the water tank balanced, and facilitate management and maintenance.

4. Added five levels of difficulty adjustment function:

This equipment is designed with five levels of difficulty adjustment function, which is convenient for managers to adjust the winning rate and flexible operation. Level 0 is the easiest and level 4 is the most difficult.

5. Add a robotic dance demonstration function during standby, which can attract popularity and increase revenue at the venue:

6, Switch to large-size claws, you can grab the size of the gift:

The claws used in this equipment are exclusively developed and obtained national patents. The claws can not only capture smaller gifts such as colorful bouncy balls, but also pick up small yellow ducks, penguins, goldfish, frogs and dogs and other gifts, operators can put a variety of gifts in the gift pool, more to attract children.

7, Using silent, low temperature rise, energy-saving pumps:

The water quality of the equipment, the quality of the pump directly affects the quality of the machine, so our technicians deliberately purchased a large number of similar pumps in the market, through a series of steps such as analysis and comparison of pump technical parameters, actual installation aging test, etc., finally selected energy-saving and energy-saving (water pump working for 5 days only consumes 1 kW/h), ultra-low temperature liter (the highest temperature of the pump is only the ambient temperature), stable and durable (no leakage), high quality water pump that meets the technical requirements of the equipment.

8. Install anti-blocking safety filter at the water outlet:

Due to the operation of the equipment, gifts such as colorful balls may block the water outlet, which will cause the water circulation to be interrupted and damage the equipment. Therefore, in order to avoid clogging, a safety filter is added to the water outlet, so that the water outlet is no longer blocked.

9, Custom add game music:

Considering the different loves of different customers' music styles, this device has deliberately designed the DIY game music function. The owner only needs to insert the U disk or the memory card. When the device works, it will play the U disk or the song in the memory card, which is convenient for the owner. Update the song as needed.

10. Fault code display function:

Since the equipment will inevitably have some faults during long-term work, the maintenance needs to check the fault points step by step. If it is a non-technical person, the fault may not be found. Therefore, in order to facilitate the maintenance, the equipment has designed the fault code display function. When a common fault occurs, the corresponding code can be displayed on the console display board, and the fault point can be quickly determined by the code, which is very convenient for maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.