32-inch Hummer Racing Introduction

- Dec 13, 2018-

32-inch Hummer Racing Introduction


product description:

1. This is a cross-country racing game with the theme of General Motors Hummer;


2. The player sits in the seat and controls the steering wheel, brakes, throttle button and other components to play the game, not only from the game to the real passion and happiness of the car, but also the eye, hands, feet, brain reaction and coordination function is a game that is very suitable for teenagers to play;


3. Hummer is on a bumpy road, and the road is full of obstacles. By destroying various obstacles on the track, the player gradually increases the acceleration value. When the acceleration value reaches the maximum specification value, the player can use the acceleration button to increase the speed as soon as possible to reach the destination to win the victory;


4. There are 4 processes (Start / Middle / Advanced / Super), 4 scenes and other players to play:


The bald stones are all over the raging wasteland, the unspoiled primitive jungle, the cold and rugged snow-capped mountains, and the factory that has been abandoned for a long time.


5. This game can be played by single player or up to four lines.