4D cinema

- Mar 19, 2018-

4D cinema

4D cinema is developed on the basis of traditional 3D cinema, compared to other types of cinema, has the outstanding theme, the technology content high, effect is distinct, image characteristics of impact strength and advantage. People will not only fall, blowing, vibration, water spray, scratching, and leg stunts such as introducing 3 d cinema, also according to the scene of the film carefully designed, smell smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, formed a unique experience, this is the 4D cinema is very popular today. In recent years, the development of 4D cinema has been very rapid because audiences can get the full range of visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory senses when viewing the 4D film.

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4D cinema system, set four dimensional effects equipment, sound and light technology, a variety of environmental effects and stereoscopic film made elaborate conception as a whole, make the tourists fully immersed in a realistic simulation environment, the strong immersive experience and visual impact shock at the same time, can feel the high-tech products with novel and fun.

Theater equipment

1. Stereo glasses (optional)

Generally USES polarized glasses, because domestic 4 d film is basically a polarization format, stereoscopic effect is good, light glasses, wearing not feel very uncomfortable, the most important is colour loss is small.

2. 4D dynamic effect seat.

3. Screen of 4D cinema.

From the material, general mining needs to adopt the metal screen, the stereo film that applies to fixed showing place, can improve the picture brightness, show stereo film to show, the polarized light returns good.

The reduction of polarized light by the metal screen can be expressed by the ratio of polarized light passing and blocking. Detection method is: at a constant source of light (the voltage stability of slide projector) camera placed a polaroid, the polarized light projected on the screen, the luminance meter camera placed another polaroid to measure on the screen

Reflected light, adjust the Angle of the polaroid before the brightness meter, get the maximum brightness value. To rotate the polaroid 90 °, get minimum brightness value.

4. Environmental effects

With carefully designed, smell smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, scenery, figures show, and so on into the 3 d movie and TV, more can customize the balloon, flame, things fall (you can get a gift from heaven crabs, can drop RMB ha ha, no matter what things, as long as you can think of is possible). Due to plot in 4 d film is a combination of special effects, so the audience watching the 4 d film can obtain visual, hearing, touch, smell, etc, immersive experience, the feeling of dreaming. Through this series of technical improvement and innovation, the four - dimensional film and television has already broken through the traditional meaning of the film is the concept of light and shadow art, is a brand new, real high-tech products.

5. 4D stereo video.

There are few sources of 4D, which is believed to be the consensus after contact and understanding of the 4D cinema. However, with the arrival of many three-dimensional films, I believe that this situation will be improved soon.

6. Digital sound system.

Combine the audience with the feeling of the scene.

Theater form

4D cinema is defined as the main standard of 4D dynamic seat (or platform), which can be divided into 4D cinema (non-3d), 4D 3d cinema (stereo) and 4D dynamic cinema.

According to the development of 3D stereo technology, naked eye 3D (stereo) technology is becoming more and more mature. Stereoscopic glasses are just a choice for a 4D cinema. And the enhancement of environmental effects has upgraded the theater to a 4D action movie theater (also known as 5D cinema)


Screen structure

From a visual Angle, the use of a cylindrical arc screen 3D image -- it means that the screen is kept on an arc of the same center, not a plane (flat screen). Screen height to width ratio of 16 best: 9, cylindrical arc screen 3D object motion film range expanded, open field of vision, get rid of the flat visual bondage, make the film and television space and space more close to reality, and you can move across and around way, and can give you anachronistic. (different from "planar four-dimensional film" -- which limits the audience's visual Angle and limits the direction of motion of the object.)

Polarized glasses (optional)

In view of the need of cylinder screen effect, it is specially designed and manufactured for cylindrical polarized light glasses (namely "stereoscopic glasses") suitable for viewing cylinder films. The image of the left eye and right eye of the film that the audience sees is different, so that the image reflected in the human brain is the 3D image, thus creating the stereoscopic vision space in it.

4D seats

The seat is based on the movie's plot, which contains five special effects: falling, shaking, blowing, spraying, and tapping. Another match again with elaborate design, smell smoke, rain, photoelectric, bubbles, scenery, figures show, and so on into the 3 d movie and TV, all the perceptual system to mobilize the people, make people really went into the story.

Function of seat

Facial spray: can spray a small amount of water on the face of the audience, simulate the situation of sneezing, water pipe burst, etc.

Facial jet: the compressed air is directly blown to the face of the audience, and the impact of the explosion and the bullet in the simulated image are felt. The jet effect is accomplished by the air nozzle of each seat and is applied to the head and neck of the audience.

Movement up and down, left and right sides, tumbling action, before and after simulated pitch, roll, such as lifting movement, often used to simulate the film to the left and right, flight, such as running, dangling, falling forward, upward looked, take off, look up to.

Vibration: the device has built-in seat cushion, which can be pushed up and down to achieve the vibration frequency of 12Hz to make the audience feel "vibration".

Sweep the leg: under each seat suspension small elastic air hose, when in the film appeared rats, snakes, insects and other animals, hose will pat calf, the audience can simulate the animals into the audience under the leg of feeling;

TuiBei: backrest built-in new equipment, the function to push forward, realize the vibration frequency of 5 hz, let the audience feel back on "vibration", suddenly have a strong sense of "TuiBei" and "electric shock".

The sound system

Using high quality sound effects material - multi - channel surround sound system as the sound system of cinema. Provide 2.1 to 6.1 or even 7.1 channel systems to enhance ambient sound effects. (for example, increase the vocal tract over the theater to simulate flight, thunder, etc.) 4 d cinema of multichannel surround sound system in the design and production of fully considering the cylinder 4 d cinema can make the movement characteristics of 3 d objects to produce around, can accurate positioning objects of sports, make the voice of the 4 d movie and TV and stereo rise, form a real three-dimensional space.

JiKong system

With all the above mentioned elements, how can we make them play their role in an organic and orderly way? This will require a computer control system is specially designed for different video content to the function, the core of the control system, the control software, process engineer according to the content of the film, set at the correct time order, to control the projection system, special seats, special equipment, sound system, such as switches, make whole 4 d cinema system constitute an organic whole, provides the omni-directional sensory experience for the audience.

Digital speakers

The equalization point source speaker technology in 4D cinema USES a discrete audio channel to play the sound so that the audience can hear the source of each sound. (the traditional 5.1 dispersion sound system plays the sound through multiple speakers, which makes it impossible for the audience to identify the source.) Each 4D cinema is acoustically handled, and can present sound images accurately and truthfully with maximum dynamic range. As a result, the sound of each of the 4D screens was so clear that listeners could not only hear the sound of a needle falling to the ground, but also the position of the needle falling. Each 4D video track is specially produced to accommodate the 4D unique sound system.

Effect of cinema

The 4D cinema is trying to create a "immersion" in which the 4D animation is played with live action and real scenes, and when it jumps to 4D, the theater will remind you. A traditional cinema manager zhou tells a reporter, now shenyang 4 d movie more emphasis on entertainment, pay more attention to is the revelation of the special effects technology, and to the traditional theater are more the pursuit of the plot, characters, etc, so this is two different audiences, there is no competition and influence each other. And, to some extent, the 4D cinema is likely to be considered in the vicinity of a regular cinema, with the help of its passenger flow, Mr. Fu said.

The location elements

The entertainment type 4D cinema was chosen by a small margin. For theater chain franchise, more important, it will directly determine the actual sales and profit of the store. For the consumer group of cinema, the franchise should choose the place with the best concentration of teenagers and the best market prospect.

1. Street evaluation of site selection: road characteristics, connection roads, transportation roads, commercial roads, suburban roads, old roads.

Proximity: is there a zebra crossing through the width of the road, whether or side street, across the street from the shop if there is a traffic light within 100 meters, in the near future, if there is a road widening and municipal construction engineering, in the face of urban, the ratio of people belong to enter or leave.

Ii. Main entrance of the base.

1, the base of the main entrance should be adjacent urban market center, square or urban pedestrian street, the young JuSanDe, find the house you can find the basement or on the second floor above (also can find the first floor, but the rent expensive) is commonly top (high rents are cheaper and easier jams) has the elevator;

2. The width of road before the main entrance should not be less than the total width of the safe exit, and the middle and small cinemas should not be small.

In 8m, the large scale should not be less than 12m, and the mega size should not be less than 15m;

3, the main distribution space in front of the entrance, medium and small cinemas should according to each 0.2 ㎡, large and super large cinema besides should satisfy this requirement, and the depth should not be less than 10 m;

4. The distribution area of the main surface of the multi-auditorium cinema should be calculated according to the maximum number of actual distribution; The number of cinemas with a total seating capacity of more than 2000 is scattered;

5. The cinema at the intersection should meet the requirements of the town's visibility of traffic lines.

3. Evaluation of the location store itself: identification: is it clear that the target address is determined?

Completeness: what facilities are included in the building?

Ownership crystallization: the real ownership of the house is the main confirmation.

Integrity: refers to the right to re-confirm the legal use of the landlord's storefront through the use of a licence.

Innocence: refers to the record of whether a house has been set up by a bank or other institution to have his rights or be seized or auctioned.

Timeliness: who is the current user of the reservation point? How long will it take to make the transition?

Visibility: mainly refers to the visibility of advertising signboards.

Climate: climate affects the willingness to consume, and poses unpredictable risks to particular climates or terrain.

Evaluation of the building itself: if the year and status of the building are the primary conditions, generally speaking, the above 10 years old house will not be filtered.

Product rate: the product rate refers to the shape and area of the reservation point itself.

Area: refers to the overall business area of the store, including the decoration area outside the shop.

Deposit and rent: the price of a reservation is related to the rental cost.

Four, mining gold store: excellent store locations must keep usually pay attention to the change of the business circle, so the business director must often go out exploration, looking for the right place beforehand, because gold store usually has already occupied by someone else. Therefore, how to get the gold storefront from the competition is an important issue for chain enterprises to take the initiative.

A. The law of different industries: looking for A storefront with A construction company or A real estate agency.

B. Vertical flow method: provide rental housing information through suppliers.

C. Internal search method: the internal staff relations are introduced, the internal employees of the enterprise come from all over the world, and also have their own network.

D. Baiting method: use the storefront of scattered places to advertise for new shops.

E, sweep street method: through the professional development of the store personnel, the target area to carry out comprehensive sweeping street law, the carpet search method to find the storefront.

F. Network: through the network expansion of internal staff and management, it will seek publicity of the storefront.

V. lease contract requirements:

A, lease term: generally at least 3 years (preferably 5~10 years).

B. Rent: the rent shall be negotiated by both parties. Generally, the rent will not be adjusted for the first two years, and the third year will be adjusted according to the price index.

C. Payment method: usually two months deposit and one year's rent check, payable on a monthly basis.

D. Rent calculation: before the expiry of the period, the rent is usually more than one month's rent as compensation to the landlord.

E. If there are public works in the vicinity that affect the store business, the rent is required.

F. Attribution of responsibility: when the natural and man-made disasters are not attributable to our responsibility, we must wait for the store to be redecorated and start the business before the rent.

The construction of research

4D cinema construction consulting and planning and design construction integration.

Cinema 4D this is a lot of people have experienced but not revealed the deep reason of proposition, the construction process of 4D cinema is also a more complex and specialized subject, including space consulting, prior to the construction of the cinema need to consider the bearing of the floor pillars, space pattern, smoothness of projection area, the position of the engine control room and the special effects, strong or weak electricity system installation, a sound system of wiring and cinemas sound-absorbing insulation decoration design and layout, the installation of seats, the original production of the film, the subsequent operation and maintenance and so on a topic.

How to make high-quality goods in effective investment. This is the problem that the builder needs to consider. According to the supplier's research and development team and production team to select suppliers film, and then summarizes a set of general principles, to save money in the process of the construction of party a, with the least amount of money to do the most brilliant effect. Make the theater more stable and more shocking. This set of general rules makes a lot of party a less detour, and improve construction efficiency.