55-inch Let’s go jungle shooting game machine

- Oct 19, 2018-

55-inch Let’s go jungle shooting game machine


1.Let’s go jungle is a very exciting shooting game. The story tells of a couple's distress in the forest, surrounded by giant insects, giant spiders and other terrible creatures. The appearance of the game console also creates a jeep look that fits the theme of the forest distress. The player uses a machine gun with strong performance, and does not need to play a virtual bomb, but it can't be relaxed during the game. Because the number of enemies is very large, the enemy will be injured, and the enemy's attack will be one after another. Very little time to let people breathe a sigh of relief.

2. In addition to killing the enemy, there are some small games in the game, such as to stop the start button to let the jeep escape the spider attack, or the gun fell off and use the wooden paddle to repel the enemy. If you fail, you need to play more enemies to increase your chances of injury. The game's deduction of health will change according to the strength of the enemy. Some bugs will be deducted a little, and some will lose half of the total value, so the player should pay special attention.

3.The story of the two protagonists is a couple, so in the game will also calculate the cooperation of the two, if the heart has the same spirit to join the same enemy, there will be Joint Shot, after the clearance will show everyone's cooperation, will not You will be able to see each other in this game.