55 inch The dead storm pirates shooting simulator game machine

- Sep 24, 2018-

55 inch The dead storm pirates shooting simulator game machine

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The dead storm pirates is a cockpit basket body large shooting game, players in the game in the magnificent great maritime era, searching for the legendary pirate things" the breath of a bully ", in the process of treasure hunt, players will experience three ocean fiend, can they use golden gun and pirate ships to win over the sea monster bombard? It all depends on the player's extraordinary skill in the game

Machines with large screen LCD and 5.1 surround sound created an excellent audio-visual environment for players, and players seat also strong feedback function, in the fierce battle might sail along with artillery and shaking, give more realistic game experience, the other in the middle of the machine is also equipped with the rudder controller, specific scene in the game, players can personally control pirate ship to avoid obstacles or the enemy attack, the game has boosted the sense.

In the game mode specially set to cooperate to play the reward, when two people work together the game fun multiplies ! There are Chinese and English versions of the dead storm pirates, players will not encounter any language barriers in the process of the game, now call on your friends to play video games to experience the first time the dead storm pirates.