7D interactive cinema consumer groups

- Jul 23, 2017-

The 7D interactive cinema is a miniaturized 4D cinema that incorporates interactive elements of electronic simulation guns based on dynamic platforms and environmental models.

7D interactive cinema combines many advantages of movies, games, theme parks, animation, virtual reality, multiple feelings, and so on. The jolt, tumbling, wind and rain effects make people feel the impact of driving, flying, running, explosion, wave and turning.

7D interactive theater is very market space, suitable for consumers:

1, children: 7D movies are mostly digital virtual pictures, children are most interested in fairy tales, the future and science fiction. 7D movies often go straight ahead, after many thrilling, finally defeated the form of monsters, to meet the children like adventure psychology, trained them not afraid of difficult spirit.

2, teenagers: now teenagers are accompanied by comics, game machines, online games, electronic sports grow up, they like adventure, excitement, novelty, highly respected fashion, avant-garde, high-tech. The 7D cinema transcends IMAX's multi sensory enjoyment, as well as the illusion of the future and science that meets their needs.

3, lovers: 7D interactive theater, and even love, but also to promote the role of the dance team game 10 years to match 10 million couples. A couple of common adventure thrills, also will make more passion, consolidate friendship.

4, the family collective shadow: for the size of a collective outing, a short and exciting 7D movie is home to try new things and share the happiness of a family union, increase the best choice of affection. A three-dimensional picture of parents in all, true to life, the same may be frightened out of his wits.

5, shopping tourists: people now more and more like shopping, dining, leisure one-stop consumption, how can they miss the 7D interactive cinema?. People who travel are happy, excited, and try an exciting 7D interactive cinema.

6, mobile consumer groups: unique 7D interactive theater, very attractive to people's eyes. Whether it's a busy person or a stressful job, whether it's a business success or a failure in business, it's time to take a break and relax.

7, community cultural enthusiasts: streets, property, units, clubs, schools, organizations can be added to the activities of the 7D interactive theater. 7D cinema operators can also take the initiative to contact them, send a part of the ticket to them, let them play in leisure time, can play a role in propaganda.