7D interactive cinema features

- Nov 12, 2018-

7D interactive cinema features


1. Participate in person. When the film shows natural phenomena such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, etc., special effects equipment will also appear windy, raining, thunder, lightning; when hitting the target, the seat will have strong vibration; the audience are The movie character, all the plots happen in front of and around, let the consumer feel the ultimate sense of participation.

2. Multiplayer battles, each viewer has an independent ID and a real avatar. Many people and even more than ten people participate in interactive battles on the same screen. The computer gives participants points based on the results of the interactive battle. After the film ends, the rankings are announced according to the level of the points. Entertainment with interactive PK is the most entertaining form of entertainment, intoxicating.

3, The film finale audience has the final say, the development of the plot can be changed, the movie finale audience has the final say. After all the hardships and obstacles, fierce fighting, who became the hero and the winner, whose avatar is shining on the big screen, the flowers bloom, and the applause is endless. The incomparable freedom to control the change of the plot allows the viewers to experience a lot of aftertaste, and can't wait to invite more friends to play together, and repeat customers.

4, Taking into account different consumer needs, Shadow Power Innovation launched 7D films of different types, meeting different age groups, different groups of people and taking into account gender differences. Meet different experience needs and make your customer base more broad.