9D VR virtual reality experience hall, is it really so profitable?

- May 28, 2018-

9D VR virtual reality experience hall, is it really so profitable?

1. For vr offline experience, there must be a large space for experiencers to walk around. Accurate motion capture system can create a very high sense of immersion and interaction

2. 9D VR is not suitable for playing large-scale games for a long time at present, because too long will make you dizzy, so a short and fun game and film experience is more acceptable

3. For the group of players, 9D VR experience hall solves the dilemma of playing VR games by one person, and meanwhile, it can communicate with more real players offline, which will help form the game culture circle and promote the popularization of game culture

4. For those who want to buy VR equipment, there can also be a place to experience it first, and then decide what kind of equipment to buy


So, affirmation of say,9D VR experience pavilion lowers the threshold of the experience of the VR can meet the psychological needs to see people, one of the main driving force will be the industrialization of VR, he will help people understand the VR, experience VR, VR, consumption in VR industry to establish a complete link of at the same time, further promote the development of related hardware and software products and technologies and perfect.


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