9D VR virtual reality theme park

- Nov 10, 2017-

9D VR virtual reality theme park


9D VR virtual reality theme park with an eye to improve user experience, exclusive rights to realize virtual reality devices, peripheral hardware peripherals, seamless combination of entertainment software content, allowing you to sensual immersed in the new world, swimming in second life, feel the thrill of the baptism of science and technology: top only unexpected, no can't do that, here, the entertainment more than forever as you imagine.

Market analysis

9d VR virtual reality dynamic cinema without fixed screen, no sound insulation repair, pioneering breaks through the traditional business model dependence on storefront location, only 8 square meters space, open space can also open a shop, mall, park attractions, schools, various venues, theaters K room, airport station, Internet bar... The areas in any cluster are very suitable for operation.

Investment interests

In order to popularize the application of virtual reality technology in entertainment life, the 9D VR virtual reality movie theater is entering the market with the price of ultra high cost performance. In the past, hundreds of thousands of expensive equipment, apportioned to every customer, but dozens of tickets! The price of cabbage can enjoy the second life, the first experience of the latest technology of infinite charm, Let a person tempted!