A good way to improve children's playground sales in 2019!

- Jan 10, 2019-

A good way to improve children's playground sales in 2019!


2018 is coming to an end. Looking back at the results of this year's work, are you satisfied? As the manager of the amusement industry, have you been a leader, manager, and performer in this year?

the first

How does the store manager lead a team? How to improve the execution ability of the park team?

Before answering the question, first define the role of the three keywords:

Paradise Leader Role: A person who enhances performance by creating an atmosphere.

Team cohesion is very important when managing a team. The atmosphere is good, the team's cohesiveness is strong, the work is good, and vice versa. The role of the park manager: the person who completes the work through others.

The manager who is personally involved in the matter is finally exhausted and the team results are still very poor.

For example: the manager who is particularly anxious.

Paradise Performer Role: The person who gives the result.

In daily work, many people are only responsible for doing this, but they have not presented the results of this matter. Such execution is ineffective and will harm the entire team.


How can I get professionally at work in the park?

I will provide you with a model as an answer to the question:

1. Make the environment better. For example: Dress up every day, and then go out.

2. Let the action be strengthened. For example, get up early every day and read more books.

3. Let the ability improve. For example: consciously improve the quality of your service and impress your customers.

4. Iterative upgrade values For example: making yourself better is the key to solving all problems.

Try to change in the above four dimensions, your results will definitely get better and better.


The core is coming: How to improve the sales performance of the park?

First: find the reason

1. Environmental analysis

◆Do you want to enter the store with the door, window, and checkout counter of your park?

◆Do you like the environment customers in your park?

◆ Does your park's play items and merchandise display make customers have an interest in watching?

◆ Is the pop clear, can the customer easily find the information he wants?

2. Commodity analysis

◆ Does your park have a product that allows customers to feel special?

◆ Is there a “specific product” that different customers need?

◆Is it different from the surrounding stores?

3. Customer analysis

◆Do you know what type of mainstream customers are in the park?

◆What is the average sales amount of the other parks in the park?

4. Employee analysis

◆Is the staff suitable for the current operating environment of the park, is it competent?

◆ Do they understand marketing or promotion?

◆ What skills do employees need to help the park improve its performance in the daily life?

Second: more research


◆ Count the number of customers who pass through the park every day and the number of people entering the store, and calculate the store rate.

◆ Conduct customer return visit survey.

◆ Conduct a summary of promotional activities.

2. Goods

◆ Is the product category of the park complete, is it adapted to the customer's purchase needs?

◆ Does the price affect the factors of customer transactions and entering the store.


It is necessary to study the general trend of the market, such as the influence of brand parks in the minds of customers, product price segments, customer buying habits, and regional sales characteristics.

Through in-depth research, you can know the way the local market can go and develop your own implementation plan. This is mainly to know the strengths and weaknesses of others, to use their own advantages, to make their own differentiation.

Third: supervision

1. Program positioning

What is the primary purpose of the park's promotional program? Bring in store rate and turnover rate. So what should be done?

◆ One marketing customer.

◆ Tailor-made specific activities.

◆ The promotion method is very important.

2. Personnel execution

◆Talk about topics of interest to customers;

◆ Inviting members or other new and old customers to participate in activities through intelligent means, such as WeChat;

◆ The invitation effect of each employee must be registered;

3. Effect evaluation

◆After the event, do new customers become members of the park? The first task for customers to enter the store is to "circle people", making friends is a big deal.

◆ Is there any sales? Is there money to earn? This requires employees to have strong sales capabilities.

Fourth: introspection

1. Do you really help customers?

To sell the goods, the clerk must first sell them out and let the customers accept you, not to complete the sales task, and to calculate the utilitarian customers in order to sell the goods.

2. Is your enthusiasm moderate?

Too much, moderation, mechanization or excessive enthusiasm will make customers feel uncomfortable, resulting in unsafe feelings and alertness. We need enthusiasm and service to give our customers a relaxed, honest and unconstrained environment and atmosphere. Learn to let customers speak, listen carefully to the voices of customers, and appreciate their inner thoughts. This is the best respect for customers, not blindly talking to themselves.

3. Are you really aware of the customer's needs?

◆ Is it for yourself or someone else?

◆ Is it for purchase now or see?

◆ Investigate the needs of customers and prescribe the right medicine.

◆Excellent clerk will clearly understand the customer's needs according to the gender, age, dress and identity of the customer. This is not to “see the dishes”, but to segment the customer categories and do the right medicine.

4. Have you made any guidance?

In the daily paradise sales process, there is a very common phenomenon: after the customer comes in, he asks the main play project. After you give him a brief introduction, the customer leaves without saying anything.

why? This requires two aspects of analysis: the reasons for the customer and the reasons for the clerk.

5. Is your introduction focused?

When customers look at your recommended recharge package, they will take the initiative to ask you some details, which shows that they are already interested, this is the best time for the clerk to give him a detailed selling point.

When introducing the selling point, we should focus on the customer's most concerned interests and the benefits to the customer, as well as a targeted and effective comparison with the competitive products. To talk about a selling point, we must tell it through. Customers generally do not care more than three issues.

6. Has the customer experienced the product?

Introducing goods, not only will it be said, but also encourage customers to try. This is especially important for sales. Customers feel the deepest feelings about the products they have experienced.

Therefore, it is not that the business is not good, but that you are not doing well. Many places do not do their own work, look at the above methods and use them quickly!

Think, it’s all a problem,

Do, have performance,

Learning, can empower!

Extreme practice, one step faster, 2019 performance doubled!