Advantages of VR technology application in safety education and training

- Feb 28, 2019-

Advantages of VR technology application in safety education and training


With the continuous expansion of the market for “VR+Education”, it fully demonstrates that VR has a great demand in the field of education. Branch VR security education training in the field of education has become one of the hottest businesses in the market. What are the advantages of VR applications in security education and training?

The application of VR technology can make up for the gap between security education training and technology integration. VR's unique immersion experience puts people in real disaster scenarios such as fires, floods and earthquakes, fully recognizing the importance of disaster prevention and learning the corresponding safety precautions and correct escape measures.

VR applications can create special scenarios for safety education and training, and provide immediate feedback in teaching and training. For example, VR can assess the effectiveness of a population's contingency plan in the face of an earthquake, or identify gaps in emergency plans and areas for improvement based on real-time data provided, and conduct repeated training.

VR can integrate teaching elements such as pictures and data into the virtual environment, which is more likely to attract the interest of trainees and strengthen the trainees' awareness of safety accidents, thus increasing everyone's attention to safety precautions. For example, fire drills, large-scale fire drills need to close a few blocks of personal traffic, which is almost impossible to achieve in reality. VR can simulate these difficult scenes, thus avoiding the destruction of people's life order.

Another important advantage of VR safety education and training is that it can save costs. VR security education training simulates security incidents almost realistically. It only requires a certain amount of money to purchase, and it can be used for training in different scenarios and can be used repeatedly. The waste of materials and labor is avoided to the greatest extent.

At the same time, all operational data of the trainees in the VR safety education and training will be stored, and the trainers can carry out targeted training based on these data to accumulate experience more effectively.

With the maturity of VR technology, the application scope of VR security education and training is more diversified, such as: VR fire drill, VR earthquake escape drill, VR building construction safety, VR power safety, VR traffic safety, etc. I believe that the development of VR technology can promote the development of China's safety education.