Air hockey realizes man - machine war.

- Mar 02, 2018-

Air hockey realizes man - machine war.


There are many games that require two talents, such as playing badminton and table tennis. Player JoseJulio likes to play air hockey, but it's not fun to play the game alone. Therefore, he USES some spare parts and a PS3 camera 3 d printers, a homemade air hockey robot (AirHockeyRobot) do your opponent, satisfy oneself a person also can play the double board games.

AirHockey requires players' hands to move quickly and requires them to pay close attention to hockey. Therefore, this board game requires the player to concentrate, calm down, seize every opportunity to accurately infiltrate the ice hockey position, win the game. Is JoseJulio's robot capable of doing this and winning the race?

In fact, the robot is a formidable opponent. Its cameras and ArduinoMega open source can predict the trajectory of the ice hockey, and it can predict and react when the puck is casually returning from the other's position. With the free movement of the two axes, the robot can make the best counterattack and defeat each opponent's attack.

For humans, losing a game to a robot is not very glamorous. But it is not bad to be able to play with such a formidable opponent. As a result, Julio has developed a robot strategy algorithm for robots that can adjust their reaction speed to make themselves more likely to win games. Moreover, since this is a game of man-machine competition, the behavior of cheating will be greatly reduced.

If this method can be used in other two-player games, will most people be able to play a double game without having to find a partner?