An upgrade plan that doubles the profitability of children's parks

- Jan 14, 2019-

An upgrade plan that doubles the profitability of children's parks


Naughty Fort should be known to everyone, is a kind of children's entertainment projects, generally set indoors, there are more places next to the mall or supermarket.

Because the current children, parents are more love, and affected by the second child policy, more and more children, many people think that the spring of naughty castle is coming again.

So, you will see that there are so many projects, because the biggest cost expenditure in addition to the investment cost is the rent.

On the surface, it is very profitable. It only collects dozens of pieces at a time. It’s a few hundred people a day, and a couple of 30 people a day, earning tens of thousands a month. But the competition inside is also very big, because the project is the same, the pattern of making money is very, very simple.

Therefore, there are many that are basically not making money. I saw a dry naughty castle project, and opened the aisle outside the supermarket. The result disappeared in less than 2 months.

So today, let’s share with you how the 1.0 version of the people played.

The traditional business model is to make money by naughty castle projects, send some concessions and drainage, but our "free mode" is to break the tradition.

Let's share with you how we are free. We just let the naughty castle play for free, and die 1.0 version. I think many people have doubts here. That's free, how do you make a profit?

Now is the era of traffic, in this era of traffic is king, as long as there is traffic, are you afraid that there is no money to earn? We must first use the word "free" to attract customers. I believe that when it comes to free play, everyone must be heart-warming.

Therefore, our version 2.0 is not to rely on the naughty castle itself to make money, but to rely on other projects, in the amusement park we certainly not only naughty this project. For example, children's game machines, rocking cradles, adult doll machines, children's toys, children's clothing shoes, maternal and child supplies, etc., there are many inside, in general, products around adults and children. To make money.

When 1.0 makes money by naughty castle, 2.0 has been drained free of charge with the naughty castle project. If you think of it, if it is an ordinary mother and baby business, you should also publicize it. Generally, what kind of holiday thanksgiving activities, how many discounts.

However, if you change a mode, it will be free to play a naughty castle project with a certain value of a certain business. The same is drainage, which one is more attractive?

Ordinary discounts, if I don't buy products, it doesn't seem to be good for me, but if there is a project that is on the market for free, it is free to play now, and it will last for a long time.

Then this is a cheaper for the user, but you are coming, can you not consume? Today, I am engaged in activities. I will engage in activities tomorrow. Every time you come to have activities, so consumption is a matter of time.

If you say that since version 1.0 is difficult to make money, but the 2.0 version of the investment is big, this kind of less talk must have a few thousand square meters, right, even if the project inside I run.

Either the investment is rented or the rent is not based on the performance ratio. Although some people do the same, for the average entrepreneur, the investment is big and the risk is great.

So, next, share a 3.0 version of the model with you, how do people with version 3.0 play? This version of the 3.0 version is very clever, it is the combination of the previous version 1.0 and version 2.0, which is the perfect combination of the charging mode and the free mode.

There is a hand-baked bakery in a county town. Hey, isn't it a naughty castle project? How did it turn into a bakery? Don't worry, listen to me slowly.

This bakery is a mid-to-high-end level. It is a simple European-style chain of national brands. The main thing is that no one adds health. There are high-end bread, cakes, pastry, pizza, pasta, coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juice, etc., because there is a recreation area in the cake shop.

So many people basically join this store according to some marketing models of the headquarters, management methods, business methods, but this boss is very smart, if everyone follows this model, sooner or later there will be industry Competition.

Therefore, the boss found a two-storey storefront when selecting the venue, that is, the first floor upstairs and the first floor, the first floor, just do the normal joining the bakery, how to decorate how to decorate. So what about the second floor of the free?

On the second floor, he built a children's naughty castle project, which is a children's playground. One reason for choosing the second floor is that the rent is lower than the first floor. So many people will say that they don’t make money on the first floor. Who knows when you open the second floor.

However, what is even more puzzling is that if you open a bakery and open a bakery, why do you want to engage in a naughty castle project? This seems to be not very relevant. Then let me tell you how they played? Why do you want to do this.

First of all, the users of the bakery and the users of the children's playground will basically overlap, and everyone agrees. That is, they have a common user, so they have a model, and the value of the children's castle project is free to play.

However, I am conditional. You have to recharge 500 pieces in my bakery. With this card, you can play the naughty castle project for free. If you don't recharge, the naughty castle project is charged.

So, think about it, this is a high-end bread, cake, pastry, pizza, pasta, coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juice shop, recharge 500 pieces for a user is not much. Is it free for the user to be a naughty castle project? You consume tens of pieces at a time, and you have more than 500 pieces in ten times.

Therefore, the free naughty castle project has become a drainage project of the bakery, and at the same time locked the user's subsequent consumption in the bakery. The cost of the second floor is basically the cost of rent.

However, through this model, the card can be used for free to play the children's paradise. He can get a deposit of some funds, a 500 piece, a few thousand? Ten thousand? As long as you bring your child, basically many parents bring it to play.

Therefore, through this model, he has diverted two projects to each other and locked in a large number of users. Do you want to buy a cake after the birthday of the child? Do you usually drink coffee here? Because you are a member here.

Therefore, the naughty castle project is both a free project and a fee-based project. It is both a drainage project and a money-making project. What he really makes money is actually the user who is locked in his bakery by naughty castle.

Bread, cakes, pastry, pizza, pasta, coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juices, and so on, and the profits are considerable.

Therefore, what you lack between losing money and making big money is just a drainage product, a product that establishes a connection with the user. How to design a drainage product?

It is recommended that you design a fixed-flow drainage product. What do you mean? It is almost the same cost for a user and one hundred users to use once and use one hundred times, so that both drainage and cost can be achieved.