Analysis of the operation of gift machine from three aspects

- May 02, 2019-

Analysis of the operation of gift machine from three aspects

First, the selection of models must be reasonable, layout should pay attention to

1, taking into account the size of the venue and the mix of different types of gifts, such as general shopping malls, customers of all ages, the configuration of gift machines should be relatively complete: such as sugar machine, ice cream machine, size claw doll machine. In addition to considering the investment amount and site factors, we must also consider the introduction of gifts, the area of warehouses, labor costs, etc. in addition to the market atmosphere;

2. Choose a gift machine with low failure rate to ensure the normal operation of the gift machine is a necessary condition for equipment operation and operation. Therefore, it should be cautious when purchasing and selecting, and must not be blind;

3, relatively simple game content can extend the operating life of the gift machine. Don't use the gift machine as a game console, because the player is only interested in the gift, not the game content. A gift machine with a strong game component will cause the player to get bored after a period of operation, which will eventually lead to a decline in the turnover of the gift model;

4, as a gift machine to facilitate gift display. It allows customers to see the gifts in the gift machine at a glance, a good gift machine is easy to operate and can maintain the daily operation of the store;

5, all the machine's gift placement time in the 10 days to update the gift one-third, one month for the cycle will be all the gifts last month;

6, the small grab machine to add gifts on the bottom layer does not bottom, the second row placed in the back row, and the gift on the telescopic pole is placed neatly and full position. Two to four dolls must be placed on the upper floor to face the customer. The lanyard, suction cup, trademark, etc. on the doll should be placed behind the doll to keep the appearance beautiful: the doll and the doll, the doll and the hole must be kept ten centimeters (value is 10 yuan) the following);

7. In the middle of the machine, the bottom layer of the gift is not bottomed. At least two layers are placed in the back row. One or two dolls must be placed on the upper layer to face the customer. The lanyard, sucker, trademark, etc. on the doll should be placed on the doll. Behind, keep beautiful: dolls and dolls, dolls and holes must be kept twenty centimeters (worth below 20 yuan);

8, placed more than three dolls, the bottom must be placed with the same doll and full, neat, not bottom, the rear row can be placed two to three different dolls, so that customers choose to replace, placed in the upper layer Dolls let customers grab. Dolls and dolls, dolls and holes must be kept at thirty centimeters (worth below 30 yuan);

9, the sugar machine to add gifts in a timely manner, the gift can not be higher than the export, when there is no customer, the gift should be flattened, not bottom (value is less than 3 yuan);

10, doll gifts and holes to maintain 10 cm, when placed, pay attention to beautiful, generous, neat (cigarette and chocolate inner layer as much as possible);

11. Gifts face customers, highlight the characteristics of gifts when placing them, add gifts within 3 prizes, no more than 3 gifts have not been added, remember to close the gift after adding gifts, gifts must not be placed repeatedly, except for designated gifts; If the name on the gift box is not prominent, you must attach the label paper marked with the name on the machine cabinet, add the machine classification, 2 coins food (value between 5 and 100 yuan), 2 coins gift class (valued at 10 yuan to 100 yuan), 3 coins gift class (value between 20 and 200 yuan);

12, to clear the red line in time, the pin can not be left in the machine, when hanging the gift, the red line should go through the pad to avoid the gift shaking outside, the front line is longer than the back line, the first row of red line 35CM, the second row of red line 25CM, in order to prevent the gift from rotating, you can pull it with a white fishing line to fix it. Add gifts within 2 or less, no more than 2 unadded; currently there are two magical scissors in Europe, 030 machines are placed in boxed gifts, and 031 machines are placed in the dolls that are left and removed. The value is between 20 yuan and 30 yuan, preferably the package is slightly larger);

13. The dolls or gifts in the big turntable must face the customer. The doll gifts should be kept intact and neat; the pins should be hung to avoid falling off, and the pins after the winning or the items that are not related to the doll gifts should be cleaned up in time: The warehouse staff shall not add more than two; the gifts shall not be placed repeatedly, except for the designation (values below 30 to 40 yuan);