Answer: How to do if the video game city is not well managed

- Dec 21, 2018-

Answer: How to do if the video game city is not well managed


When the video game city is not well managed, the general video game city operators only know whether the store's operation and management, public relations promotion, and promotion activities have been done, but do not think about the problem from the user's point of view, resulting in the worse the video game city is doing worse. Even closed down! Is the problem really like this? Let's take a look at what causes the video game city to operate improperly and find an appropriate way to solve it.


Most video game city operators have problems: the wrong direction


In contact with a lot of video game city boss, they all have serious problems, that is, equipment is single, lack of interaction, no area, simple dolls, monotonous decoration, etc. Children's area is mixed in adult video games, and adult video games do not provide related services. More importantly, there is no packaging for the city from the social point of view. It has led to the fall of a family of video games, and never thought of using marketing routines to change the situation.


1, Team competition

Offline marketing can only be done through activities. Like the previous "big players" team competition, the team competition is used to stimulate social interaction. As long as it is held once a month for several months, it will produce a chain reaction over time. Of course, the event prizes must also have a certain attraction!


2, Fixed consumption

This routine is relatively simple. At present, most of the "doll machines" are mainly placed and not thought of doing marketing activities, but as more and more doll machines are placed, there is no doll machine in the video game city. It was so attractive before, but we can use the consumer's mentality to satisfy him. "If you spend more than 30 RMB without a doll, you can get a limited doll for free." This consolation award is simpler than adding equipment. The news is estimated to double the traffic volume of the crowd!


3, Limited edition

Accumulating prizes, especially prizes that girls like, it doesn't matter what kind of activities are carried out. What matters is whether gifts can attract your "objects". Each event can get a limited edition gift, the more backward The more difficult the activity, the more attractive the gift. Of course, some smarter businesses use some unattractive devices to carry out activities, because the devices with less contact often give people a "simple" illusion, as long as the score is set slightly higher. It can give people a desire to play, and such equipment is usually more fun.


The operating advantages of the video game industry:


Brand development requires companies to grow bigger and have their own characteristics. In the same environment, you can run faster than your opponent, and you can make yourself invincible. So how do you do better than your opponent and run faster? This requires differentiated competition and the formation of its own characteristics. The chain operation has lower procurement cost than the general video game city, the brand effect is good, the procurement supply chain is complete, and the digestion ability of the machine is also stronger. In addition, many venues have developed to a certain extent and found that the management of the venue can not keep up. This requires a clear division of labor for the management team, while adopting new thinking and using new management software to allow the venue to operate in an orderly manner. At the same time, in addition to the consistent profitability of the video game city, as far as possible to find other ways of profit, diversified profit methods can help the venue to make more profit.


The four key points of the video game city's competitiveness:


1. The stability and change of the game console

To ensure the stability of the quality of the game machine, the player can not be faulty in the process of playing, check the station regularly, see if the machine is running normally, whether the appearance of the machine is damaged, and whether it is safe; the change is the decoration of the site. The layout needs to be changed, and adjustments are made at regular intervals to prevent the player from experiencing aesthetic fatigue.


2. Service standardization

The service is divided into four levels. The first is the basic service, that is, the customer smiles and the work efficiency is high. Secondly, the service level in the store is stable, the waiter can not affect the customer's service because of his own preference; once again, it provides more than the player's imagination. Service, let him have surprises; finally, the touch-sensitive service, let the players become a loyal fan of the store, will not easily abandon you.


3, Environmental comfort

From the player's feelings, according to their aesthetics to design and decorate the video game city, from the ceiling to the store's promotional posters, from the placement of the machine to the comfort of the seat, etc., they must do their thinking, let them I feel the environment is very comfortable.


4, Marketing means

Every store needs to find ways to market, and whose marketing means is stronger, it is easier to win in the market competition.


To sum up

Operating a video game city can not stick to the rules, learn to learn from other examples of successful business, and use it in its own operations, in order to meet the difficulties and become more successful.