Battery bumper car and ordinary bumper car's distinction and advantage

- Jul 16, 2018-

Battery bumper car and ordinary bumper car's distinction and advantage


There does not seem to be a clear time for the arrival of bumper cars and their derivatives, whether in their infancy or development. Since the days when the bumper car of normal bumper cars became popular, many manufacturers have invested in the development of new products to stimulate, interesting, competitive, and passengers can "control" the bumper car playing method, and then make different improvements and innovations in the internal structure and appearance. Today, in addition to the battery bumper car with almost the same appearance with the normal bumper car, its corresponding derivatives such as the Mimi car, the space warship, the super bumper car, the MECH machine and so on has added the rare vitality for the amusement industry.


As battery bumper cars and derivative products mostly use internal batteries as power supply, and generally adopt low-power motor drive for safety. Therefore, there is no case that the speed is over 2m/s, which is a inspection-free amusement equipment. In addition, bumper cars and derivatives are flexible in the development and production, and are not limited or restricted by specific regulations, so that manufacturers can control their own creativity.


Battery bumper cars and derivatives have brought boundless energy to the market.

The classification of bumper cars and derivatives is not a unified term for the special title of bumper cars because they are full of creative ideas and various types in production or manufacturing. For this reason, in terms of the classification of bumper cars and derivatives, the industry is generally divided into five categories: bumper cars, Mimi cars, armour chariots, space warships and super bumper cars. Although the structure difference between each other is large, but the working principle is similar, mainly different from different operating modes. Below, you will be introduced to the mystery between them.


Battery bumper cars

Applicable group: parents and children (under 5 years old should be accompanied by parents), students, friends, couples, etc.

Available site: indoor and outdoor venues are generally applicable, and outdoor venues are best equipped with ceiling;

Ground requirements: smooth and open flat ground, and around a specific fence reinforcement;

Body structure: mainly composed of single or multiple batteries, metal bumper frame, FRP shell, motor, etc.

Usage time: 7-8 hours when charging electric charge, about 6 hours can be used;

Control Settings: switch after starting the car, remote unified remote control (1 controller with 15-20 cars).


The appearance of the bumper car is basically consistent with that of the skynet bumper car, and even some manufacturers, in order to improve the standard degree of bumper car, will design with the specification of "length 1,920mm* width 1,150mm* height 880mm" stipulated by the bumper car, so as to improve the passenger driving experience. However, compared with the ordinary bumper car, the bumper car is powered by battery, and there are obvious differences in speed, resulting in the collision and drift sense of the ordinary bumper car. Some manufacturers have also improved the structure and performance of battery bumper cars, such as adding double batteries, high kinetic energy motors, transformers, etc., making the battery bumper cars more and more similar to ordinary bumper cars in experience.