Can a doll machine really make money?

- Sep 17, 2018-

Can a doll machine really make money?



Do toy crane claw machine really make a lot of money? The crane machine is a very popular by men and women, old and young. I also occasionally visit the shopping mall on the weekend, found that there are really many people playing the clip doll machine, observed for a long time, still have a lot of people like to play. So can investing in a doll machine make money now? Next to introduce to you whether the doll machine can make money.

Doll machine cost is low, the machine from several thousand to tens of thousands , mostly during 4000-8000RMB, generally the mall is the rent for a month in 300-600RMB rooms/units, machine depreciation is 200RMB per month, that is a machine make enough 500-800RMB a month is left is the net profit, the cost of the doll can be ignored, because the probability of the award can be adjusted, although not many people play machine working at ordinary times, but the weekend two days enough to earn the full month daily expenses.

Of course, this has a lot to do with human traffic! It also tests the ability of investors to manage.