Can a sports game machine replace outdoor sports?

- Dec 20, 2018-

Can a sports game machine replace outdoor sports?

After experiencing the sports effects brought by the sports game machine of Guangzhou game console manufacturers, many people will not spontaneously think that the benefits of playing a sports game machine are more than those of outdoor aerobics. The large sports game machine can actually achieve a fitness effect, and you can easily say goodbye to fat in the game! However, if you are eager to get a real fitness effect, you still have to participate in aerobic exercise.

Maybe you will say that the movement has brought me a fitness effect. Isn't the goal of aerobic exercise also here? Here we take yoga as an example. Of course, the use of sports games for tempering will definitely have a role, but it is certainly not as effective as the on-site assistance. Although the large sports game machine can input the body data in the program, in the program, the person who approximates the weight, the program has basically the same training plan, but we can not completely follow the game machine manufacturer's game settings to develop fitness.

At the same time, in the case of exercise, it is certain that each action is in place and can be pointed at any time, which is also incomparable to the sports video game machine. In addition, the air in the home is not smooth, and the effect of fitness at home is definitely not as good as outdoors. The large sports game machine definitely has a certain effect, but whether it is shaping the lipid-lowering or enhancing the heart-lung function, try to go outdoors to perform aerobic exercise.

Life is in motion, maybe you like aerobics, maybe you are attached to a sports game machine, no matter which type of final purpose you choose is fitness, but the large-scale game machine wants to completely replace the aerobic exercise to bring health benefits to the human body, there is still a certain distance.