Can children play VR?

- Dec 21, 2018-

Can children play VR?


Now VR is slowly becoming popular, and many manufacturers have already released it. There are HTC Vive, SAMSUNG Gear VR, Google Cardboard and PlayStation PSVR and Oculus Rift. There are many cheap VRs to choose from, but let the kids play. ?

1, age limit attention

All major brands have their restrictions on vr age. Some 12 or 13 years old even have more stringent restrictions. Don't forget to look at your equipment manual to see if your child's age is suitable. It is best not to violate the regulations, otherwise If there is damage, the manufacturer will not be responsible.

2, emerging technology do not try

Because it is a technological product in recent years, it has not yet been popularized. There are not enough experiments and research individuals. Don't let your child be a white mouse. The damage may not be as simple as myopia!

3, brain development effects

VR may have a greater impact on the growth of young children's brains, because their brains are still developing rapidly and have good plasticity. They may be under the control of such technological equipment for a long time and may cause damage.

4, do not understand the rest

Many adults experience the vr, they will pull out the head-mounted display as soon as they feel dizzy, but the children will try their best to play the last moment, because this kind of discomfort similar to motion sickness will continue for a while even after giving up the play, this kind of hard support will put a greater burden on the body.

5, the reality of illusion and confusion

Vr is a highly immersive experience, which is to let players experience a more real experience, and the younger children themselves are not easy to distinguish the illusion and reality on TV. If you use VR, parents can be educated. It's even harder.

6, easy to indulge

The virtual reality experience is easier for players to indulge than the flat game. Although the vr game is not too much now, it is mostly a small game, but for younger children, this kind of reality experience is more attractive to them.