Can you make 100,000 yuan a month from running a toy claw crane gift game machine?

- Mar 30, 2018-

Can you make 100,000 yuan a month from running a toy claw crane gift game machine?

Although just in a startup army soon, but Justin Chen has been at the local famous toy claw crane gift game machine business circle of small and medium-sized, "total turnover of more than 50000 yuan per month," "less than two months has been back to the profit" is the community of the label for him. For the business, Chen said bluntly, "it's not as simple as outsiders think."

In the eyes of many investors, toy claw crane gift game machine has become the current trend, both the "offline" terminal, "offline traffic entrance" fashionable concept as a gimmick, and "lying down can make money", the slogan of "bottom line" and other ground clamor. But are dolls really so easy to make money? If we really make money, should we join one ourselves?

With these questions in mind, financial and economic journalists visited Chen liang's toy claw crane gift game machine shop in a shopping mall in yunfu city and made a deep visit.


The following is the main content of this interview:

Ask: some outside voice say doll machine is "profiteering" industry, do you agree?

Chen liang: if you manage it carefully, the doll machine can bring good income indeed. But it's hard to make a profit when you buy a few machines and find a place where you want to lie down and make money.

Q: it is known that doll machines have entered the market for more than 20 years and there is a huge stock of them. What do you think is the market left for entrepreneurs?

Chen liang: I think many other markets are unsaturated. Just like buying a house, although the good places have been occupied, there are still new entrances, such as yunfu, shopping center in third-tier and fourth-tier cities, and courtyard lines in first-tier and second-tier cities

After all input is not a small sum of money, I also have a large collection of online data analysis comparison, such as 21 JingJiWang medallion, 42, recreational wind these professional media, web site "is a doll machine purchase cost thousands of yuan, the average daily in flowing water can reach 100 ~ 150 yuan, about 2 to 5 months to back to this. Deduct the cost of doll, rent, labor, etc., profit is between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

"A mini KTV costs between 20,000 and 30,000 yuan to buy, and the charge is usually 5 yuan for a song, or 30 yuan for a half-hour. Operating 12 hours a day, excluding operating costs such as rent and maintenance, can earn up to 700 yuan a day without a day's rest, not to mention a lot of free time.

Apart from the big difference in machine cost, the two kinds of equipment also differ greatly in rent. I went to the mall to consult, because the size of the mini KTV is large, the rent is more than twice that of the doll machine. Combining data from all aspects, the doll machine is more suitable for me.

Q: there are many kinds of doll machines on the market. How do you choose them? What are the advantages?

Chen liang: the cost of the doll machine is mostly between 3,000 yuan and 15,000 yuan. The difference lies in the function and appearance of the doll machine. Most of the doll machines with low price are mass produced in factories with ordinary appearance and single function. And the doll machine that the price is a bit higher is the intelligence equipment that has brand, function is rich, appearance is more beautiful also.

Times are changing, consumer habits and aesthetic perspectives are changing. I like to pay by mobile myself