Children's amusement equipment

- Mar 08, 2018-

Children's amusement equipment

Children's amusement equipment is a kind of amusement facilities, mainly refers to the park, supermarket, playgrounds, kindergartens, schools and most public places for children to play naughty castle, manual equipment, inflatable, machinery facilities.

Children's amusement equipment is common in shopping malls, supermarkets, public places and other leisure and entertainment places. The main service objects are children. Children can enjoy a happy childhood and exercise their bodies, playing a double positive role.


The outdoor children's amusement equipment is classified according to the structure and the form of motion, namely, the children's amusement facilities and children's amusement equipment, which are similar in structure and sports form, are classified into one category.

Based on the current children's amusement facilities and children's amusement equipment, will it 15 classes, namely the carousel, swing machine, coin amusement machine, roller coasters, gyro, flight tower, racing, control plane, ferris wheel, small train, aerial touring, aquatic amusement facilities, bumper cars, battery cars, body feeling game, bungee jumping, slide, slide.


The indoor children's playground is to improve the outdoor children's amusement equipment, reduce the size and improve the safety performance, so that he is more suitable for infants and children to entertain.

Amusement machine, sunshine, health, educational, leisure, is comparatively by children like playground equipment, and popular with the parents of the children's amusement equipment, at the same time in the game fun, let the children healthy growth in happiness.

Equipment classification

1. Transfer equipment.

Structural movement features: the cockpit is mounted on a turntable or support arm, rotating around the vertical axis or inclined shaft, or rotating with a small swing around the vertical axis.

The rotation of the vertical axis is accompanied by a small swing of amusement facilities: space vehicles, big green insects, big macs and so on.

2. Scooter equipment.

Structural movement characteristics: the vehicle itself has no power, and the hoisting device is raised to a certain height, and then it runs along the track. Or the vehicle itself has the power to run on the undulating track.

For example: roller coaster, crazy mouse, gliding dragon, rapids, curved moon flying car, mine car, etc.

Iii. Gyro equipment.

Structural movement features: the cockpit is rotated around a variable tilt axis, and the main shaft is mostly mounted on the adjustable large arm.

For example: gyro, double flying, brave turntable, flying by arm, rugby, etc.

4. Flight tower equipment.

Features of structural movement: hanging pod and lifting and lifting side for rotary movement, and hanging module with flexible parts.

For example: flight tower, air swivel chair, little smart, observation tower, gliding flight, frog jump, air shuttle, etc.

5. Racing equipment.

Structural movement characteristics: along the ground designated line operation.

For example: racing cars, small sports cars, high speed racing cars.

6. Automatic control aircraft equipment.

Structural movement characteristics: the passenger part revolves around the central axis and does the lifting movement. The passenger part is mostly installed on the rotary arm.

For example: autonomous aircraft, automatic flying saucer, goldfish swimming, octopus, sea and land, wave swing.

It has the motion of lifting and swinging multi-dimensional motion, such as: time machine, motion picture platform.

7. Viewing vehicle equipment.

Structural movement characteristics: the multiplier is rotated or swung around the horizontal axis.

For example: viewing car, windmill, spaceship, pirate ship, flying carpet, meteor hammer, children's amusement equipment.

Characteristics of the equipment

Structural movement characteristics: comprehensive above includes the non - limited amusement equipment improvement, multi - rotation, rolling, air cushion and other forms. Because for the children aged 0 to 6 safety consideration, volume is relatively small and is located in the interior, and through some creative games and clever use of sound, light, gas, water, color combination to achieve the purpose of entertainment exercise early education child.

Equipment of choose and buy

Children's amusement equipment should be judged objectively:

Childhood is the basic stage of life, and it is in the process of growing and developing from the fetus, newborn, infant, preschool child and adolescent. Its dynamic characteristics are different from that of adults and vary widely in all ages. It needs to be practical to consider the child's intellectual development and physical development level to choose suitable children's amusement equipment.

From birth to the first year of infancy, the physiological characteristics of this period are faster than any period, rapid neurogenesis, weak immunity and susceptibility to infectious diseases. You can choose to fill children's amusement equipment, rattle drum, squeeze sound toys, etc. The age of 1 to 3 for early childhood, the physiological characteristics of this period was physical growth is infantile slow, language and action ability, he will walk, but there is no safe consciousness and the ego to protect consciousness, prone to accident. Children's amusement equipment such as ball, drag toys, building blocks, toy houses, toy cars, jigsaw toys, beach toys, etc. Between the ages of 4 and 6, the physical development of children continues to grow, and there are still slight immobility, carelessness and restlessness. You can buy tricycles and helmets, bicycles, puzzles, dolls and costumes, story books, play scenes with characters and decorations, etc. Children aged between 6 and 9 are children of school age. They like to play games with skills and intelligence. It can choose the toy products such as kites, bicycles and helmets, skates and protective articles, handicraft articles, dolls, puppets and acting clowns, sports equipment, jigsaw puzzles and chess pieces.

1. Amusement equipment modeling:

Beautiful appearance modelling for children to be colorful lights and the beautiful music is the first element of attracting customers, give customers a good impression at the first time to let visitors become your customers, modelling also has a certain meaning, other people will be because of the particular meaning will bring good luck for you, for example, so that he will also continue to try, and then to become your stable customers.

2. Quality of amusement equipment:

To ensure the normal operation of amusement equipment is the most basic, if the customer on your amusement equipment, there is a problem, this will affect the mood of the customer visit, they will think your product is bad, it will lose some old customer, so if you want to attract customers for a long time, must let customers believe that your product.

3. Selection of amusement equipment:

Paint effect when the factory must be fresh, bright, light, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, only the car paint can achieve such an effect, if the paint effect is bleak, do manual work is very rough, the sun is less than half a year, certainly fade, because early work was not well done, the late effect must be very poor. The decoration of the amusement equipment is all in the fiberglass part, so this part must be fine, fine and bright.

4. Manufacturer's qualification:

If a manufacturer produces no qualifications, there is no corresponding identification procedures, so you buy amusement equipment is a no "id card" products, for the country amusement equipment industry certificates of inspection every year will be a difficulty.