Children's amusement machine recommended: candy crane machine

- Sep 11, 2018-

Children's amusement machine recommended: candy crane machine


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The candy crane machine is a user-friendly amusement machine that is popular among friends of all sizes. It is also a healthy and environmentally-friendly entertainment machine. The music style of the machine is cheerful, lively, innocent and lovely, the lighting effect is colorful, and it is loved by children, and can provide a variety of small gifts for children to get. Let the children exercise their own hands-on ability while enjoying the joy of the gift, and truly achieve the effect of pleasure and body and mind.

The candy crane claw machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. This machine has automatic hydration, real-time sterilization and hardware fault reporting, which provides reliable guarantee for the maintenance and safety of the machine. The difficulty of the game has 5 gear positions to set.


1. Plug in the power plug 220V of the machine and turn on the power switch to make the machine run normally.

2. After the machine is powered on, it enters the hardware automatic detection state.

3. After the hardware automatic detection is completed, the coin is inserted from the coin slot of the machine operation position.

4. The left button indicator on the operation position of the machine after the coin is blinking. At this time, press the button, the corresponding robot starts to move left and right, and when it moves to the position you want, it is released, the robot stops at this position, and The right button indicator on the operation bit flashes. At this time, the button is pressed, and the robot automatically grabs the small gift in the pool and automatically returns to the gift channel position to release the paw to release the small gift.

5. After the operation is completed, the operator can take out the small gift from the gift outlet below the operation position to complete the game.

6. This unit has 4 operation bits, and each operation bit operates in the same way.