Children's indoor playground amusement park, how to make your guests more and more?

- Apr 18, 2018-

Children's indoor playground amusement park, how to make your guests more and more?


Membership is the main business model of indoor children's playground park. However, many operators have found that, in addition to the time when the indoor children's playground opened, membership CARDS are rarely available. So, how to encourage customers to do membership CARDS?

One thing we all know is to increase incentives. However, no matter how big the discount is, there is still a bottom line. We can't do business at a loss, can't we? Here, I would like to introduce two practical and useful methods for you. Many indoor children's amusement park operators say that the effect is very good after using them.

1. Let target consumers have a free experience

The target customers are mainly the parents living around the indoor children's playground game room. Operators can print and distribute flyers near communities or schools. Parents who receive leaflets can get the chance to "take their children to an indoor children's playground for a free experience". It is important to note that when handing out flyers, it is best to leave the names and contact Numbers of children and parents. First, it can prevent a child from using flyers for free multiple times. Second, if you have a contact number, you can send them some discount activities to get a card. They will be moved to get a card someday.

Generally speaking, these target consumers can be divided into two categories:

One is parents who already have other indoor children's playground memberships. Such parents without membership card consumption, consumption locations will be fixed, basic won't go to other indoor playground for consumption, but, if it is a free experience, that is another matter. We can use this to attract them to the experience.


If your indoor playground enough interesting and fun environment is safe, so they are available on the card, after considering the indoor playground you might to do a membership card, and the probability of such a lot!

Another is parents who have never taken their children to an indoor children's playground.

Although indoor playground now has become the norm in the children's consumption, however, there are some people have just upgraded to parents for indoor playground is not particularly understanding, some don't even know the existence of indoor playground. For such parents and children, the free experience is even more important. In general, as long as the children like, parents will be more willing to deal with the children's membership card, thereby generating sustainable consumption.

Whether it is parents of the former or parents of the latter, personal experience is the most persuasive. As long as children have fun, parents will make the right choice.

In addition to encouraging parents to get a membership card, there is another way to get a free experience. If business slows up at indoor playground at ordinary times, doing so can add sentiment for the indoor playground, creating a lively game scenes, for indoor playground gathered popularity also have a lot of help.

2. Develop some incentive mechanisms for customer referral

Introduction is the main customer source of indoor children's amusement park, and it can also gain the trust of customers. If we can reward this kind of behavior, people will be more willing to help us do free publicity. After all, sometimes it's a one-sentence thing for parents.

For example, I recommend a friend to get a card and give a free trip. Recommend 3 friends to get a card and give 5 free travel opportunities. Recommend 10 friends do card, give a month card... With these incentives, we can successfully capture those close to our customers.

Of course, in addition to continuously encourage new customer card, indoor playground also good to maintain existing customers resources, keep the floor clean and tidy, enthusiasm and sincere service, regularly updated amusement equipment... Provide children with a fun, fun and safe environment.

Only while maintaining good indoor playground existing customer resources, development of potential new customers resources, our indoor playground to the business is thriving, also can be a steady stream of profits!