China Arcade Game Machine

- Mar 26, 2018-

Arcade game machine

A large game console generally refers to the larger size of the device, compared with the smaller ones, and the more open game machines. China's large game console market, which has been difficult to develop under the environment, has quietly generated tens of billions of dollars in export value. Large game industry, on the one hand, need the government to strengthen supervision, on the other hand, need to strengthen self-discipline, game industry at the same time also need enterprise work together to develop more products can reflect the excellent culture of the Chinese nation. Only in this way can we create the future of China's game entertainment industry and make our country an important player in the field of global game entertainment.

The development history

Mention big game, people thought of the children very easily in a dirty environment facing flapping console has been obsessed with the keyboard, such scene, in the last century 80 s map size was up in the city. Until later on the Internet cafes, people put more attention to network game of blame and large game machine market in China, are indifferent to be difficult under the environment of development, now has quietly formed over billions of dollars in export value.

Held in Beijing international exhibition center, the ninth China international software exhibition, exhibition, Chinese game industry become a major highlight of the exhibition, big game booths and more crowded. According to the organizers, since 2000, China's game consoles have been fully exported. China's console market share of the global console market, from less than 1 per cent in the early 1990s, is close to 20 per cent. In the first quarter of 2005, 24 million games consoles were exported from shenzhen port, with an export value of us $700 million. With the export of game equipment, some excellent Chinese culture has spread around the world.

Produced, manufactured in mainland China is engaged in the big game after about 120 enterprises, mainly in the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta and other regions, products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, southeast Asia, the department of product have the market in some areas have been absolutely according to the upper hand. Now it is also spreading across China's interior, with the largest number of games consoles in inland sichuan province. Today's big game is no longer a bloody violence full screen, puzzle, simulation, athletics, fitness entertainment products, such as a new generation of large game make full use of modern scientific and technological achievements, and pay attention to build healthy entertainment culture, work has a striking effect, soft music, good maneuverability, and excellent entertaining, healthy content, with independent intellectual property rights at the same time, has obvious background and characteristics of Chinese national culture, the vast majority of products are suitable for teenagers or family entertainment.

In the interview, the reporter learned that the large-scale game console has a good development prospect in the field of public entertainment, and has a good prospect in military, defense, medical and other aspects. Big game consoles are using sophisticated computer graphics technology, a variety of software programming, mature, mechanical and electronic technology are fully used in military, defense and medical aspects and so on. This shows that large game consoles have a unique advantage in reducing the cost of training for industry skills.

In addition, the big game industry will promote the development of many peripheral industry, such as plastic, machinery, electronics, software and hardware development and a series of the development of related industries, to create more jobs. Large console display device mainly use 29 inches above picture tube, high-end models even use up more than 40 inches large screen display, liquid crystal display, etc., these imaging devices not only should rely on the tube of collecting many enterprises provide products, more in-depth development and optimization on the content of the game, to adapt to the rapid development of the game content and change, greatly breakthrough the limitation of the traditional home appliance class imaging equipment, to the development of of collecting tube manufacturing enterprises, has a great role in promoting. Big game system of external box style made related to industrial design, plastic forming, special printing process, such as it will produce a large number of related components manufacturing enterprises, and these are all produced intensive enterprises, greatly increased the employment demand.


Major game consoles are mainly divided into four categories: entertainment machine, simulator, gift machine and carnival.

Entertainment machine

Connecting machine, baccarat, throwing machine, mahjong machine, wheel disc machine, fishing story, sea floor god carving, cat and mouse, gold out of sea, nine tail fox and so on.

Gift machine

Doll machine, twist egg machine, table tennis player, vending machine, finger finger, etc.


Motor racing, motorcycle, shooting, dancing machine, airplane driving, sports simulation, etc.

The carnival

Ball, boxing, darts, lottery machine, punch, big head, quiz machine, etc.

A gift machine.

Gift vending machines are divided into doll machines and gift machines, and many supermarkets can see them. The baby machine is the kind of coin that goes in to catch things, a lot of luck.


The simulator is the most common in the video game city, generally divided into shooting class, music class, racing class, sports, fighting class, and dynamic class.

Simulate arcade racing game.

It is a fixed base with high dynamic simulation platform, and drivers, can be simulated on computer games or dynamic action on transportation in film, on the whole give drivers more complete, more real and more taste sensory experience. A good simulator, would create a allows the rider to focus on the simulation environment, for many realistic simulator, if you can produce the more elements of the simulation indicates that the more close to real, video game consoles can give increasingly true voice and image simulation, and 4 d dynamic series car simulator is given movement and dynamics simulation, is a large console video games in the city of the more important products.

The box body machine

Frame machine can be subdivided into screen machine, train, rebar, machine edition. Mainly divides into the upright frame body machine and flat type box body machine, and the structure of the flat box body is upright frames simple, shaped like a tea table, the height of the game is very low, the perspective of the game to look down, so there is no so-called casing head, the two ends of the control panel is on the edge of the box surface, but also of coin and store coin box, instead of after the box plate box bottom, because of the small size, the part of the box body is compressed very small.

The lottery machine

Lottery machine in fact, most of the computer games in the city can calculate the lottery machine, is those who play the lottery!

The attachment machine

I. attachment:

The no.1 machine is the host, and the eight extension machines will be connected by the communication line in sequence from the main engine, which can open the power supply of the eight sub-machines, and then open the first one, and open at the same time.

Ii. Host description and maintenance:

1: main engine running status: in the process of being in custody, the above row shows that the remaining time of the remaining time of the running light is left, and the following line shows the total profit; In the process of running the lamp and winning the prize, the above line shows the remaining time of the machine (in unit), and the bottom line shows the total profit.

2: function menu status of the host: the machine is in operation, press "function key", display "wait for return" or "return", and after the end of the bureau will enter the menu; In case of failure of the host, hold down the "function key", and turn on the power to enter the menu directly; The menu has four choices: check the account, report the account, the parameter, the system, press "choose" to move the arrow, press "confirm" can enter this function.

3. Check the account of the host: after entering the account, you can choose to check the account of the host or sub-machine, press the "move" button to select the host account or the extension account, and press "confirm" to enter:

Description of the account of the host computer: the first side shows the number, and the machine number is displayed below.

0 press "confirm" to enter total profit (total profit added by all sub-units);

1. Click "confirm" to enter the total coin slot (coinage + upper portion of all extension);

2. Press "confirm" to enter the total refund (the refund of all sub-machines + the lower part);

3. Click "confirm" to enter the profit (the profit from the last barcode to this reading);

4 press "confirm" to enter the previous total profit;

5 press "confirm" to enter the previous actual profit;

6 press "confirm" to enter the running time;

7 press "confirm" to enter the number of reports;

8 press "confirm" to enter the machine number;

9 press "confirm" to enter total play score;

10 press "confirm" to enter the total play score;

11 press "confirm" six times to enter the scoring rate;

12 press "confirm" to enter the ratio;

13 according to "confirm" to enter the heaven and earth (also known as the size of the capital, the village of leisure and) out of the rate;

Press "confirm" to return to total profit and press "return" to check the account.

(2) account description: press "move" to select the extension machine, press "confirm" to enter, enter the extension number to check, and check the account of the extension; Total profit, total coinage, total refund; Press "return" to exit.

4: the time delay of the main machine is stated: the machine is controlled by time. When the stop time is not too long, it is necessary to actively report the barcode delay so that the machine can run normally.

Specifically, enter the menu state, press "select" to move the arrow to the "account" menu, press "confirm" to enter the function: 00 pages, 03 pages, 07, 08, 15 pages accurately report.

When the company returns the barcode data, and the correct input bar code can successfully report the delay.

After entering the audit, all extension also entered the state audit, extension all show 76, are not allowed to press "return" to exit at this moment, all extension and the host must be shut down, can only exit accounted for.

5: main engine zeroing method: repeat the above reporting process (twice reporting) to zero, and all machines cannot be divided up and down in the process of returning to zero.

6: host maintenance: an internal error occurred. Please return the account twice to zero, and you can eliminate most of the faults.

If you have reached the highest account, please return the account to zero twice;

It is time to set the time and the time delay can be reached.

(3) to hold the test button, open the host power supply, input the extension number, you can test the host and extension of communication, showing the total number of communication, the following display an error number, if there is a wrong number, you should check the attachment:

When the host is unable to check the account, the total account can be calculated by checking the accounts of all the extension machines.

Iii. Extension description and maintenance.

1, ext audit: hold down the KO key, or unlock the points, according to the points on the key, open the power supply, 00-01 - a total profit total coin 02 - total return currency 03 - the actual profits according to the "start" button to flip, if JP lights is negative.

2. The extension is zero: the anti-upper part lock is opened, while the upper part and the lower key are pressed, and the power is switched on, and the extension is zero.

3, extension wiring: 12 p wiring: 12 v 1 foot, coin 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet 5 v, 5 feet work, 6 feet 7 feet, eight feet, 9 feet, 10 feet points, 11 feet, 12 feet horn, among them: coin unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 work switch, July, August, according to the points, 9, 10, 11, 12 speakers. 6P wiring: 1, 2 feet 5V, 3, 4 feet, 4 feet SSR, 6 feet 12V.

4. Extension maintenance:

If the branch or host is sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance and re-access, the host extension should be zero;

33 -- press the refund key and no coin or card currency.

20 -- when the main engine is off or the connection is off, it can be turned off.

40, 41, etc. -- whether or not the same extension number or line fault is removed, if not, it can be solved by zero;

30, 31 -- check the investment and refund switch;

1, 06 and all 3 switch faults -- open the upper part lock, and hold down the upper part and the lower key, and turn on the power supply.

If the above cannot be excluded, the account will be reported twice, and the main and extension can be excluded at the same time.

Press and hold the extension K2 key, do not turn off the power to start the machine, cooperate with the above method not to turn on the machine can also troubleshoot.

Iv. Precautions for this machine:

1. If you do not invest or withdraw money, please unplug the "refund" key line of the control station and seal the coin slot to avoid unnecessary failure;

2. In order not to affect your normal business operation, please report the code delay before the remaining 1000 minutes;

3. In the handover, two floors should be separated so as not to make mistakes;

4, before must enter the host menu, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the host power supply shut down first, and then check all the extension is normal, if there is a malfunction alarm extension, please it a switch power supply, make it into the normal state, finally hold "function" key not to put on a host computer, open the host to enter the menu.

5. The following error operations are frequently encountered:

If the power supply is not opened, only the host is set to zero;

The machine is not connected to the host and the host is zero;

In case of failure of the extension, the machine will be reset to zero.


Push the coin machine

The coin machine is also a large game console, very popular with the players.


Breakdown maintenance

The lamp does not illuminate the problem solution.

A. There are two situations in which the light is not bright due to the problem of large game console:

[1] it is very likely that some of the small light bulbs on the console are short-circuited. You can try to pull out all the bulbs, and then plug in one by one, and you'll be able to find out the short-circuited bulbs.

[2] if there is a short-circuit problem in the console itself. In this case, you can check whether the 4P white seat on the console has a short circuit.

B. The problem of large console board has led to the following two situations:

[1] because of the short circuit of 12V on the console, the white 3 ohm on the board was burnt out. This is very easy to solve, the control desk 12V short circuit to eliminate the change of resistance.

[2] if the above operation is still unable to solve the problem, then you can try it with a new 8255.

Boxing champion 97 desktop troubleshooting solution.


Method: the king of fighters 97 consoles white during faults for each other for the final play roles, and HP is not enough to get the steamed stuffed bun a 624 a, the steamed stuffed bun not full of blood, blood wound control in can be super kill 624624 a full case. In the end, the baozi was separated from the opponent by a distance, and the baozi sent 624a. After the 624a contact with the opponent, he killed 624624a and filled the blood with a super kill. If successful, the white screen appeared with Perfect subtitle.

2. The king of fighters 97 consoles blackout fault: the method is disabled iori vsCPU vertical jump CD after the serpent school spirit is the serpent 426 b hit, before landing ko, CPU the serpent 421 a sunshine super combo with respect to ok, and sometimes the serpent's super combo just splash screen, this bug is at the time of the Continue countdown Numbers could not see, and the CPU limit bug, as the serpent giving face.

It's an early discovery, not a bug, but maybe someone didn't know it, so they moved out. Is iori max8zn super combo is can direct air defence, but in the general case iori directly Max super jump kill won't cause the opponent's defensive, so the use of iori other attacks. The method is to be played by the role in the air defense, aeration eight god small jump a(the opponent is not yet to hit)+max8zn hit the opponent to jump air defense.

4. The king of fighters 97 consoles the serpent double hits against: the serpent sunshine super killed seven hits only commonly, but if a good distance control will hit 15 hits, is good body position (about two distance) standing in front of the opponent to send 421 a sunshine super combo, success will appear the serpent sunshine super double hits against effect, which is super kill 15 hits, actually this kill effect of double hits kof also have other works, the deepest impression is the Max 2000 kula super kill 624624 ac, good distance control is also a double hits the effect.

5. The king of fighters 97 consoles iori vs the Chris, the 624 b by 624 a skill: method for iori aeration, and then set of combo, far after 5 c (KLS dizzy) cancel 426 a + 426 d, 624 d the KLS abruptly on the wave, but attention is far from 5 c (KLS dizzy) cancel 426 a + 624 d is the first time, and the entire iori are aeration status.

6. The king of fighters 97 consoles 37 kill Athena vs hemp palace (Athena was KO bug in advance) : this is a simple bug, is in Athena health enough to 37 a 426426 a super combo, useless after the last 37 foot T to Athena, she has been advanced on the ground by 37 and died.

7. The reverse victory pose of the boxer's 97 game console, 2p clark: method 2p Clarke vs any role, Clarke at the most extreme edge, the attack role of the role, clark's 623b+ suffix 426a KO to the head. (ps: clark's 623b gives the opponent ko, the 426a suffix in the back because the relationship between 2p will not be able to reach the person, but will run to the front of the opponent, so there will be a reverse victory pose)

8. The king of fighters 97 consoles nikaido red pill instantly penetrate fault: nikaido red pill on version USES 6246 a directive to attack, the role will be to a moment before pulling through the fault, this a few qualified people for (Ralph + + + Andy pig gate), which to the pig in 6246 a follow up at any distance automatically shifted to force with a pig.