China's VR -Spring Festival gala leap forward.

- Feb 20, 2018-

China's VR "Spring Festival gala" leap forward.

Virtual reality technology (VR) is one of the highlights of this year's CCTV Spring Festival gala. Gala VR director, Annie from lanting digital company, lead the production team, finally finished the CCTV Spring Festival gala a revolution in the way of production and broadcast, at the same time, also the application of VR technology in China's large comprehensive party a by leaps.

Select the subject matter.

Annie said that part of Spring Festival gala show for VR synchronous display support director of gala dong-sheng Yang etc, but the CCTV related decision time late, officially finalised a month more than a month ago. After being appointed director of VR content, he immediately launched related work, the whole in early January, he has been busy with CCTV's show and special equipment, large screen, audio group coordination planning VR. On January 15, all the actors in the gala began to wear makeup, dancing, props and lighting. Su airlines and the team began to conduct screening and screening programs to select programs suitable for VR rendering.

The selection of the program must be based on the shooting thinking of VR, not only considering the number of actors, walking, dancing and props, but also taking into consideration the safety distance and the machine position vibration of VR. "Take the magic, you need to work with the camera, but the VR camera is all over the place, you can see it everywhere, you're wearing it." Annie said. After repeated testing, he and the team concluded that large, beautiful, complex, and virtual reality shows were more suitable for VR shooting. In the end, they chose "qing feng", "Chinese pride" and "golden rooster crowns" to be presented in VR.

Repeatedly debug the shooting mode.

After the program is selected, the next step is to study how to shoot, and choosing the best location is the core problem that must be solved.

'when it was time to shoot' the wind, 'they first chose to shoot,' said Mr. Su. 'it was too far away, and it didn't work very well.' They then tried to put the machine in the middle of the stage and let the actors dance around the camera so that the audience would have a strong sense of encirclation. The problem, however, is that the audience faces the actors, who doesn't know who to look at, and doesn't see the effect of the whole dance. In the end, they chose the traditional classic plane: straight ahead. In this way, they completed the filming of three programs in succession.

The time is very stressful for the production team, the program is only finished on the 24th day, and the distance is only two days. Guo ruitao, director of post-production of VR, said that such a period, even if it is a traditional video, is very stressful, and it involves a lot of VR video, which involves a lot of splicing, rendering and packaging.

It may be that in a hurry, the late team will work hard to work overtime and come up with a way to ensure the panoramic experience and the audience to focus on the atmosphere of the program. "We changed the 360 degree to 180 degrees, and the whole package was based on the form of the program." "For example," the breeze ", we continue the overall dance style behind the scenes, and we also carry out some changes in the elements according to the color and mood. The audience experience is great." Finally, all the pieces were ready in time.

Try to solve the bottleneck problem.

'the CCTV Spring Festival gala has a very strong support for the production and broadcast of VR programs,' Mr. Su said. 'we can talk about the need for it, regardless of the cost.' "From 2015 to 2016, I have done more than 100 VR live broadcasts, and the big support of CCTV is the first time to catch up." Annie said. In terms of program shooting, each program will be set up specifically for VR, and the actors' position and performance will also make special adjustments for VR.

In addition, CCTV in all aspects such as server and bandwidth guarantee. For example, VR filming USES the most advanced compression technology for the first time, which can save more than 40 percent of the total amount of VR video uploaded and downloaded. In addition to the powerful server of CCTV, the VR picture quality has also been increased by more than 40%, and the audience can see ultra hd quality.

The efforts of selflessness have paid off handsomely. Mr. Guo said he was most impressed by the moment he had just finished joining the wind and wearing VR glasses. "In front of the TV, watching the Spring Festival gala for so many years, I have never felt so amazing. It was a complete sense of package, and you suddenly realized that the dance of the Spring Festival gala had taken so much effort. On TV, the information is lost too much.

For example, "qing feng", guo ruitao explained, it goes in a blue and purple tone, and the light will turn from blue to a more green color, and then it will turn into a peach. If it's on TV, it's nothing more than a blue composition, a green composition. But when you put on your VR glasses, you realize you're actually in. The dark blue light gives a sense of mystery and melancholy; When it becomes the green light of leaping, you will feel the spring, the vitality of life burst forth; When it turns to pink, a kind of beautiful joy arises spontaneously from the bottom of my heart.

The airline also can not restrain excited mood. He said he froze when "the wind" appeared in front of him with light. At that time, he had only one feeling and had to pass it on to the audience.