Cissors cutting prize game machine rises strongly

- Sep 19, 2018-

Cissors cutting prize game machine rises strongly

Since the advent of the doll machine, it has occupied the main position of the vending machine industry. It is sought after by countless young men and women, and even more willing to spend a lot of money, vowing to catch the favorite doll. The claw crane machine can only be a doll machine. If you want to put a bigger doll to attract customers, you need to change bigger claws. If you want bigger claws, you need a big machine. The big machine, in this age of gold land, this is obviously unwise. Therefore, “how to use limited space to create and attract customers to consume” has become an urgent problem to be solved.

As we all know, the primary factor to attract customers to consume gift machines is the value of gifts. It directly determines the amount of money customers are willing to invest in this gift machine. Therefore, we need a bigger gift display window.

Therefore, the scissors machine came into being!