Classification and comparison of 7D cinema

- Jul 23, 2017-

At present, the 7D interactive cinema on the market is recognized in accordance with the power mode is divided into electric 7D interactive theater, hydraulic 7D interactive theater and pneumatic 7D interactive theater three. Among them, each has its own characteristics and advantages, the following on the easy to understand techniques described three different 7D interactive theater, so that everyone 7D interactive theater has a simple initial understanding.

First, the power supply mode

Because of the difference in power supply mode, the power mode used will be different. Under normal circumstances, the domestic electric 7D interactive theater using AC220V 50/60Hz power supply standards, suitable for national grid civil electricity use standards. The hydraulic 7D interactive theater uses three-phase four wire AC (AC380V) as a power supply, belonging to the national industrial and special equipment for the use of special circuits. And pneumatic 7D interactive theater because each manufacturer equipment used by the air compressor for power demand is different, choose AC220 or AC380.

When sold to other countries and regions, the equipment should be changed accordingly due to the power grid standard, and only a frequency converter can be installed.

Second. Power source

Power source, as its name suggests, is the mode of power supply, commonly known as "engine"". This is currently the main basis for the division of 7D interactive theater. The electric 7D interactive theater uses servo motors as power mode. Servo motors have the advantages of high accuracy, high speed, and response in milliseconds. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively expensive. Hydraulic 7D interactive theater using hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders as 7D interactive platform power mode, the advantages of strong pump pressure, able to meet the large platform, multi seat 7D interactive theater, the use of extensive and affordable. Pneumatic 7D interactive theater to air compressor for dynamic platform, injection pressure.

Third, the power part of the work

7D electric power control panels to the interactive theater 7D theater control system commands after receiving synchronous servo motor to start work instructions, instructions are received after motor action reflects almost without any delay, servo motor driving electric cylinder operation by electromagnetic coupling, go stop, control freely, reaction speed to a millisecond, moving distance with micrometer precision start stop. The instant response reached, electromagnetic force feedback control in the tens of milliseconds (1 =1000 MS), the body can not feel the time change is so short, so the electric 7D interactive theater with its superb performance, to experience extremely smooth 7D film action experience, action experience more realistic.

The power components of the hydraulic 7D interactive theater are three-phase AC motor, oil pump, oil tank, oil pipe, oil circuit block, electromagnetic valve, hydraulic cylinder and cooling fan. When the server is playing 7D movies, the system automatically retrieved the file to transfer the signal to the computer through the platform of circuit board, three-phase motor drive and circuit board relay, relay execution commands to control the electromagnetic valve, three-phase motor to various tubing oil supply, electromagnetic valve receiving instructions switch, so that the motor fuel to each cylinder, drive the cylinder moves up and down, and the playback screen coordinate the movements of a certain degree of error!

Pneumatic 7D interactive theater equipment power source air compressor, the working principle and hydraulic difference is not big, by the air compressor compressed air through the valve switch control, into the platform support cylinder, drive platform movement. Pneumatic as a power source, belonging to the early product, the market has been less used!

Fourth, customer experience differences

Customer experience comes from subjective feelings, and subtle changes in the body's actions can give a very clear impression.

Electric 7D interactive theater action platform due to the use of servo motor, its unparalleled speed of response, so that the human body can not feel and identify mechanical movement correction, and all feel perfect and smooth experience. The action coincides with the plot of the movie, and the coordination rate is over 99%. Dreamy feeling like experience, go to stop, to restore the realistic experience.

Hydraulic and pneumatic 7D 7D interactive cinema theater interactive action platform in the action experience for computer instructions to convey to the action of the work system, because there is a certain space cylinder hydraulic oil supply cylinder, oil cylinder, moving up and down completely on the number and pressure of the hydraulic oil, gas supply to the oil and gas needs, a certain period of time, the impact of environmental factors is not in our control, and a complete set of oil and gas, because it requires a certain period of time, so the cylinder cannot follow the instructions to action, the performance in the customer experience and action movie plot is not entirely consistent, so there is a certain degree of coordination the error!