Common fault analysis and solution for doll machine

- May 13, 2019-

Common fault analysis and solution for doll machine

The doll machine is an important part of the doll machine. If the doll machine only needs one coin, the player has not started to shake the joystick, and the crane automatically goes in a certain direction. What is the problem, how to repair?

This failure is very common in doll machines. There are two main reasons for this failure. One is that the player may be forced too hard when shaking, causing the joystick to be slightly damaged; the second may be that the motherboard of the doll machine has failed. But between the two, how to judge whether the rocker is broken or the motherboard is broken? The solution to this method is as follows:

First, check if the rocker fretting is damaged

If the crane automatically goes in a certain direction, first check the joystick and open the joystick console of the doll machine. You can clearly see that there are four micro-switches on the joystick, which represent the control of the crane, before, After, left, right, four directions. And each micro-motion has two lines. For example, after the coin is automatically moved forward, it is to unplug one of the lines that control the micro-motion, and then turn off the coin test. If the problem of unplugging a wire is solved, it is proved that there is a problem with the jog on the doll machine, and one can be replaced.

Second, check if the motherboard of the doll machine is faulty

If it is confirmed that the joystick is normal, the crane will automatically go in one direction, then check if the motherboard is normal.

1. Locate the joystick line on the main board and unplug the rocker line to see if the crane fault exists.

2. Enter the motherboard test page. Test the front, rear, left and right motors of the crane (please check the parameters of the doll machine/smoke machine menu for details).

3. Replace a doll board.