Correct placement of kids game machine

- Sep 21, 2018-

Correct placement of kids game machine

Nowadays, many game console operators are gradually paying attention to details, such as the placement of kids game machine. Of course, this is also to attract more tourists to play. Let the professionals tell you how the playground is placed for children’s game equipment.

     For the placement of children's game machine in the playground, it is believed that the operators have also spent a lot of thoughts. From the entrance of the children's game machine to the end, all the children's game machines are not randomly placed. The children's game machine should be placed in the service of children. The design of various activity spaces and the layout of the game facilities should conform to the physical characteristics and activity scale of the children's groups.

First of all, after entering the door, the first thing that should be reflected in the children's eyes should be a relatively large and attractive device that can quickly evoke the children's desire to play. Then it can be surrounded by other types of children's game console equipment, so that children feel the variety of game consoles and keep it fresh. The combination of various types of children's game consoles can make children feel uncomfortable and linger. It should be noted that there is a need to keep enough space between the device and the device for the children to play, to avoid the space being too small, causing bruises and bruises when the children play.

Professionals also told us that some very popular kids game machine need to be placed in obvious places, which can attract a large number of children and parents to come and play. It is also important to note that kids game machine cannot be used all the time. The equipment should be placed in the same place for a long time. After a period of time, the position of the equipment should be adjusted, so that the children and parents who come back to play next time will be fresh.

Finally, the popularity of those children's game consoles is used to drive the popularity of other game machine. I believe that as long as the popularity is raised, there will be a lot of tourists coming to experience and try to play.