Create the first VR research center to implement the virtual reality world window

- Jan 05, 2019-

Create the first VR research center to implement the virtual reality world window


On December 22, 2018, the world's largest VR virtual reality theme park - Nanchang VR Theme Park opened, one of the only two Boeing 737 simulated cockpits in the world, to meet your dream of flying into the sky; the only sliding project in Asia Slide VR, experience the thrill of a rapid decline from the British Fragment Building... popular. VR not only brings unprecedented excitement and fun to tourists, but also pushes Jiangxi electronic information industry to a new height.

Start from scratch and build a domestic VR industry ecological chain

The VR industry in Jiangxi Province started from zero and accelerated after the first World VR Industry Conference. There are more than 80 VR companies in Nanchang City. The Honggutan New District in Nanchang has gathered more than 200 VR industry upstream and downstream related supporting enterprises, which has successfully built The first domestic VR industry ecosystem with relatively complete platform and complete industrial chain.

In October 2018, the World VR Industry Conference was held in Nanchang, becoming an important window for Jiangxi Province to seize the global commanding heights of the VR industry and dialogue the world. Nanchang City is in full swing and frequent action--joining the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee, joining the Virtual Reality Industry Alliance led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, the North Polytechnic Mixed Reality and New Display Engineering Technology Research Center, Beijing Soft Exchange And other units to cooperate, set up a VR talent training platform, and create a "VR Industry Innovation Center."

The VR industry base is on the rise, setting up the first top "think tank"

Along with, Microsoft incubators, HTC Wei's Education, Beijing Institute of Technology, Lenovo New Vision, Tsinghua Unisplendour, China Net Library, Ou Feiguang and many other industry companies and research institutions have settled in. 3600 square meters of VR industry base innovation incubator center, the first top "think tank" in the domestic VR industry - Nanchang Honggutan New Area Human-Computer Intelligent Industry Development Promotion Association was formally established. The first domestic VR standard testing platform and VR industry trading platform were also put into trial operation. Significant projects such as the VR Experience Center, China (Nanchang) VR Industry Base Exhibition Hall, and VR Industry Cloud Platform are being accelerated.