Do children's playgrounds make money?

- Sep 12, 2019-

Do children's amusement park make money?

More and more children's amusement parks introduce the latest amusement facilities, as well as the service and concept of brand amusement parks, so that children can experience different roles in life during play, improve children's communicative ability, hands-on ability and movement coordination ability, and promote the development of children's brain development and spiritual cultivation.

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I. what kind of interaction do children's amusement parks need most?

01. Interaction between children and the park

Children's amusement park is not only a place to provide equipment for children to play, especially for children's amusement park with strong interaction integrating amusement, sports, intelligence and fitness. Operators need to develop different marketing plans according to the characteristics of their own children's amusement park facilities.

Amusement equipment of different projects has different interactive effects. We should do a full market survey to understand local folk customs and children's favorite direction, select appropriate amusement equipment for children, and then create a comprehensive amusement park suitable for children through product modeling, relevant supporting equipment and overall design style.

Also can set prizes for children, provide some small prizes to encourage children, increase the friendly interaction between children's park and children, so as to promote the second consumption, multiple consumption, and then to obtain greater revenue.

The gift of choice is an incentive for the child to be more motivated to participate, and for the child who has worked hard to get the reward to have a greater sense of accomplishment and enjoy the children's playground more.

02. Interaction between children and children

With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, the space for children's activities becomes smaller and smaller, and the communication with other children also decreases. At the same time, the communication between parents and children also gradually decreases.

At this time, if there is an environment where children can communicate with each other and children can naturally break out of their inhibitions and play together, parents will be more willing to let their children play.

03. Interaction between children and their parents

As far as children are concerned, their sense of security, personality type, temperament type, degree of trust to parents, and degree of attachment to parents will have a certain impact on parent-child relationship.

In the game, accompany the child, so that the child can give full play to their imagination, with their own way to the game problems, judge and solve, which not only exercise the ability to solve real life problems, but also promote their thinking ability.

2. Children amusement park management misunderstanding

The more amusement facilities, the more customers will be attracted

Only scientific and reasonable site planning can create a better atmosphere. The large amount of equipment can indeed attract customers' stay time, but it should also be appropriately matched according to the size of the site, and each device should be reserved for tourists to watch, so as to attract tourists' interest and improve profits.

If you increase the equipment without reserving space, you will only give customers a sense of chaos and congestion, which will affect the amusement experience.

Combined innovation is a low-cost and easily realized method in the amusement industry. This includes the internal combination of different amusement equipment projects, as well as the combination of water amusement projects and land amusement projects.

Through the combination of products to form new leisure and entertainment experience, most people still prefer experience-oriented products with interactive functions, which requires our combination not only to be novel, unique and comfortable, but also to have reasonable functions and proper regional distribution.

02. Only the most popular rides

Some operators will go into a kind of misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, what children's amusement project popular recently on the selection of what.

If the amusement project is too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and divide the customer group. Therefore, in the face of a wide variety of amusement projects in the market, operators should not only observe whether they have new ideas, but also understand the market situation, and combine it with their own situation, instead of blindly following the trend.

03. The amusement content is just "silly play",

Lack of competitive differentiation

At present, domestic children's parks are basically "silly play" children's parks, in which the cultural and social expression is very little, and "Disney park" and "casania" such global industry leading enterprises, the reason for leading is that they bring cultural and social into play.

However, the combination of culture, society and amusement is a very broad and deep topic. The local children's amusement company in China has made a bold and beneficial attempt in this aspect. For example, the business model of some parks and the concept of playing through education and fun have achieved good economic and social benefits.

It can be seen that connecting with a cultural image widely known by children is a very effective way to quickly improve the popularity of children's park by distinguishing it from competitors.

And, more importantly, by digging to the social and cultural image conveys the embodiment of the personality, let children in the process of amusement, novelty, happy, exerts a subtle feeling, this kind of difference will be the children's playground in the middle of the competition really the gap with competitors, for competitors to catch up, at the same time bring children customers perfect shopping experience ultimate pattern.

3. Popular items in children's amusement park

Children's park to profit, according to the local consumption level to choose the grade of children's park, according to the objective market environment to choose children's park style, children's hobbies and temperament to choose different rides.

Amusement equipment is the skeleton of children's park, innovative theme, interesting equipment can continue to attract the attention of children. More popular projects will bring more new experience products, new operating models, more personalized brand scenes to create scene consumption, and more wonderful entertainment experience.