Do you have stepped on the lottery game machine to operate these minefields?

- Jan 13, 2019-

Do you have stepped on the lottery game machine to operate these "minefields"?


For many venue operators, the operation of lottery game machines has always been a headache. Because they do not understand business, they have gone a lot of detours in the lottery area. Due to their limited business experience, many operators still have no ability to avoid these “minefields” after they realize the problem, let alone increase their revenue. Generally speaking, the "minefield" of the lottery area mainly has the following points:

01 lottery machine equipment ratio is uneven, compared to the whole field area is less or less, or more

Like other devices, the ratio of each type of equipment in the venue is exquisite, not to say that the more people who play more, the better, or the equipment that plays less is not needed. The same is true for lottery machines, where too much or too little equipment can cause damage to the venue.


02 lottery machine equipment is low quality or has not been updated for a long time and cannot guarantee normal operation.

The quality of the machine equipment determines the consumer's experience. The consumer's experience determines the revenue of the lottery area and the entire venue. In some venues, in order to save costs, choose to buy some low-end equipment, which may be profitable at first. However, after a period of time, machine failures occur frequently, not only costing a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain, but also causing consumers to reduce the goodwill of the venue, which is not worth the loss; there is also a situation where the site has purchased high quality at the beginning. Equipment, however, due to the long time, the equipment played many times, the equipment has some faults from time to time, and the venue operators would rather than update the equipment in order to save costs, which would lead to the above results. In either case, the author wants to say that only the guarantee of the machine's integrity rate, avoiding the black screen/bad machine phenomenon often occurs, and ensuring that the consumer is not interrupted during the game, is the operation of the venue. Road, lottery machine management, and other equipment should be.

03 site equipment layout is not reasonable

The passenger flow line and operation division of the venue are reasonable. Most people have the habit of going from the right side to the left side. The venue operators can adjust and use the store heads according to the habits of most consumers. Or the golden location near the counter. In order to gather people, some venues concentrate on equipment with high play rate in a certain area, which causes the hot spots of the game to be too concentrated. Some equipments are crowded with people, and some equipments are cold and cold, which will not only damage the equipment with high play rate, but also other equipment. It has not been used reasonably, and it is also prone to safety accidents when people are overcrowded, giving consumers a bad feeling. In addition, some venues, in order to evacuate the flow of people, blindly choose an area with too large an area, and did not make a reasonable layout, thus resulting in a poor play experience and a weak playing atmosphere. Imagine how an empty, cold and clear place can bring happiness and warmth to people.

04 venue decoration lacks the theme, the guide system is missing

The decoration of the venue includes the decoration of the machine and the decoration of the operation partition. Whether it is the venue or the equipment, it has a clear theme, which will be refreshing and unconsciously attracted to a certain extent. However, in many cases, the focus of some venues will be Placed on other equipment, and the lottery area as part of the venue, not only not well decorated, but also easily overlooked, was left out. Due to the lack of attention to the venue, the lack of themes has led to the lack of a guided game system. Consumers’ spending habits require long-term patient training. Not all consumers are aware of the use of lottery machines and the usefulness of lottery tickets. After careful observation, it is not difficult to find that in some venues, the lottery tickets are often hung on the machine platform and unclaimed. It can be seen that consumers do not know what the role of the lottery is. Let consumers form a consumption habit of “playing games – winning lottery tickets – redeeming gifts”. It takes a long time to equip the corresponding guides. If the venue does not have the awareness and patience to cultivate the player’s spending habits, then the lottery area is difficult to play in the venue. The role it should have.

05 gift area problem


The ultimate goal of the lottery machine is to win lottery tickets and redeem gifts. It can be said that gifts are the top priority of the lottery machine. However, many venues are not aware of this, but instead focus on the lottery, until the consumer has enough lottery tickets, but there is no gift they want. Over time, consumers are no longer willing to patronize the lottery machine, or even the venue. So, what are the problems in the gift area operated by the lottery machine?

(1) Lighting problems in gift display cases

In some venues, a gift cabinet is placed there. The lighting of some venues is not very bright. If the gift display cabinets are not decorated with bright lights, the whole gift cabinet looks dull and dull. People have a dull feeling, even if they are placed in a good, expensive gift, it can not attract consumers' attention.

(2) The display of gifts is confusing, and the signs and labels of gifts are not standardized.

The brand of the gift showcase, or the gift, is not marked, or the redemption points of the gift are freely customizable. Consumers do not see the sign of the gift, there is doubt about the value of the gift itself, but also affect the consumer's desire to play the lottery machine; in addition, the last time the consumer needs 500 points to redeem the gift, the next time another consumer As long as 300 points can be exchanged for the same gift, as a result, consumers will be psychologically unbalanced, and will not be willing to spend again next time.

(3) The quality and quality of the gifts are poor, the types are small, and the practicability is poor.

The operation of the lottery machine is the same as the operation of the doll machine, and it is very cautious in the choice of gifts. Generally speaking, the quality of inferior gifts that can be bought for a few dollars now is not enough to attract consumers. Not to mention the kind of gifts that don’t look good in quality. People would rather spend dozens more. Buying a good quality gift instead of spending a lot of money on the lottery area to redeem a gift that looks like a quality. In addition, it is the kind of gift, although it is not required to be able to do everything, but at least, most consumers love gifts, so that they have a choice; and then, is the practicality of gifts, practical gifts, in Don't worry about no one to exchange at any time, even when the lottery is exchanged, no one chooses it, but when doing activities, not only can be used as a gift, but also get the consumer's "heart".

(4) Gift display cabinet is too far from the lottery area

In some venues, in order to take care of the venue and equipment, the gift display cabinets are placed far away from the lottery area, while some venues are limited by the storefront, and the lottery area is separated from the gift display cabinet. In this way, consumers can't see gifts, don't know which gifts can be exchanged for playing lottery machines, and the motivation for playing is not great. In fact, no matter which of the above circumstances, it should be avoided as much as possible, and the gift display cabinet and the lottery ticket area should be put together as much as possible. The unique atmosphere of the lottery area is a cycle that requires playing games, saving lottery tickets, and changing gifts. Players will be more motivated by the exquisite gifts.

(5) Duplicate gift of lottery machine and gift machine

I believe that many venues will encounter such confusion. There are so many kinds of gifts. The gift machine should be used. The lottery machine should be used. It is simply not enough. The gift between the lottery machine and the gift machine is not repeated. It is not a piece. Easy things. Compared to spending a lot of time to choose a gift, considering which kind of gift is used, it is much more convenient to use the same gift directly. However, the operation of the venue is not a matter of worry. If you want to worry about it, you can only let the revenue go down. If you want to make money, you have to spend a lot of time and energy on it.

The lottery machine is well managed and can bring considerable revenue to the venue. If it is not, it can only become the "trailer" of the venue. So, as the operator of the lottery machine, have you encountered these "minefields" above?