Do you know about the location and promotion of ocean ball management?

- Feb 18, 2019-

Do you know about the location and promotion of ocean ball management?


We all know that the operation of the marine ball park, the location is very important, the location determines the passenger flow, and the passenger flow is the guarantee of the profit of the marine ball pool.

Although large-scale supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, and neighborhoods can operate marine balls, today, we mainly look at the reasons why operators choose to operate marine ball pools in shopping malls and how to promote marine balls in shopping malls.

1 In the large shopping malls, there is a special cleaning of the sanitation, so operating the marine ball pool in the mall is relatively less dusty than the ocean ball pool in the open-air square, and it is easier to keep clean. Many industry players know that it is not an easy task to clean tens of thousands of marine balls.

2 The mall will basically have two major advantages, one is the large flow of people, and the other is the convenient transportation. These two advantages can provide great convenience for the operators. To ensure that the turnover is guaranteed, there must first be a source of customers. The Ocean Ball Park is located in the shopping mall. You don't have to worry about not patronizing customers, and you don't have to worry about no one knowing its existence, and you are caught in an embarrassing situation.

3Accurate target customers, there are a variety of shops in the mall, basically can meet the needs of people of all ages, very suitable for a family to shop, is also a place for people to relax, enjoy the cool, chat. Those who choose to spend time in the mall are also the target customers of the Ocean Ball Park. The most important thing is that they are the size of the family. The parents are tired of shopping. What if the children are still energetic? It’s best to take them to the Ocean Ball Paradise, and parents can take a break.

Most importantly, few children can resist the magic of the ocean ball pool, so the target customers already have it, depending on how the operators are attracted to them.

 4 Management is orderly and the location is fixed, which is conducive to publicity activities. There are perfect rules and regulations in the shopping mall, which is convenient for the management of the operators. Moreover, if it is operated outdoors, there is no fixed place, and it is also affected by weather, location and other factors, which is not conducive to attracting long-term customers. In contrast, operating a marine ball park in a shopping mall is a big advantage. As for the promotion of the event, it is mentioned earlier that the traffic in the shopping mall is large, and the effect of publicity activities in places with large traffic is naturally much better.

5 If there is any drawback in choosing to operate a marine ball park in a shopping mall, then there is only one: the rent in the shopping mall is too expensive. However, as long as the operator is good at management, maintains the customer, and gives the customer a good experience, the natural operation will return to the present and start to make profits.

Since we have chosen to operate the marine ball in the mall, we must go all out to give full play to the biggest advantage of the marine ball project. However, no matter how good the project is, no one knows it, and it does not help. At this time, operators must strengthen publicity and actively promote, how to do it?

No.1 strengthen advertising

Advertising is the first line of marketing promotion. Almost all children's ocean ball parks will make an overall publicity plan every year. Advertising, including the production of theme image commercials, TV commercials, newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, TV subtitle advertisements, electronic billboard advertisements, public transportation advertisements, and online advertisements. Therefore, we have to carry out a comprehensive and comprehensive advertising campaign to make a local reputation.

No.2 Comprehensive promotion strategy

For promotion and publicity, Children's Ocean Ball Park usually prints related promotional materials, mails them to potential customers or hangs them in the park. Activities such as event posters, direct investment magazines, kanban production, subtitle advertisements, and program schedules on the day are all information to be conveyed by the Ocean Ball Children's Park or the image to be created, and the concept of the Ocean Ball Paradise is transmitted to consumers.

No.3 festival promotion activity enrichment strategy

Holiday promotion methods are common in department stores, large shopping malls or large shopping centers. Children's Ocean Ball Park can also be cited in marketing, because festivals are the best time for a family trip. From the perspective of the consumption structure of tourists, tickets account for about 50%, and other consumptions also account for about 50%. Grasping festivals to promote goods and tickets, it can also drive the consumption of goods and restaurants outside the tickets. A variety of festival promotions will bring more benefits to the children's playground.

No.4 off-season discount promotion strategy

The leisure industry, especially the amusement park-type industry, is affected by the weather and seasonal climate, and there are obvious peak seasons. Children's Ocean Ball Park can implement a discounted ticketing strategy to attract customers when there is less traffic and equipment utilization is not high.

No.5 kindergarten combination strategy

Children's Ocean Ball Park and Kindergarten share a common interest base. Conditional children's parks can be combined with other schools in kindergartens to become the driving force for children's love of learning.

No.6 joint marketing strategy with other branded goods

Children's Ocean Ball Park already has intangible assets in form, and can be considered for joint marketing with related industries to achieve a win-win and win-win effect.

The marine ball pool is a playground that has been very popular among children in recent years. It can be seen from large and small shopping malls or outdoor squares. As the operator of the mall marine ball park, it understands its location. After the promotion method, I believe that your marine ball park revenue will definitely improve.