Do you understand the industry application of VR panorama

- Jan 26, 2019-

Do you understand the industry application of VR panorama


VR panoramic display technology can truly, comprehensively and intuitively represent a scene, so it develops rapidly and gradually becomes popular worldwide.

At present, VR panorama is still in the blue sea of industry competition, so which industries can VR panorama invest in?

1. Publicity and display

The company adopts panoramic display to publicize the environment and scale of the enterprise and highlight the strength and charm of the company.

For example, beauty clubs, fitness clubs, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other promotion methods using VR panoramic display can clearly convey the environment to customers and create favorable conditions to surpass competitors.

2. Hotel catering

A good way to attract customers is to use the site to show a panoramic view of the hotel's various dining and accommodation facilities. Panoramic display remote display of hotel rooms, restaurant facilities, conference facilities and other related supporting facilities on the Internet, so that guests can directly experience the hotel scene in the online booking stage, a great convenience for customers to choose rooms, convenient for customers to confirm and choose rooms. Then promote customer reservation, improve efficiency.

3. Real estate panorama

VR panoramic real estate display can display the appearance, housing structure, layout, interior design and so on of the real estate on the Internet. Buyers can know the whole picture and basic information of the property on various smart devices in advance, so as to further attract customers to visit the site and improve the purchase desire of potential customers.

If the model room created by VR can effectively reduce the operating cost of real estate companies, get the order first.

In addition to the first understanding on the smart device, in the field show can be on the touch screen or large screen real demonstration, saving buyers transaction time and cost;

VR panorama real estate display is an excellent tool for new media promotion. It can be Shared with family members and friends in need with one click, so that customers can share with more people, become communicators and make more accurate and effective communication.

4. Tourist attractions

VR displays the environment, facilities and service areas of the scenic area, giving the audience an immersive experience. Combined with the scenic tour map tour guide, can let the audience through the Internet and intelligent equipment, free shuttle between the scenic spots, is the best promotion tool for the promotion of scenic spots, tourism products, before customers come to the scenic area to understand the whole picture, to the scenic area, to achieve the function of scenic navigation.

5. Commercial display

With the 3d panoramic virtual display, the display of related Spaces such as shopping malls, home building materials and specialty stores is no longer limited by time and place, making the visitors more convenient and fast, and greatly saving costs.

6. Virtual campus

In the publicity and introduction of the school, 3d panoramic virtual campus display can realize the visit of beautiful campus environment anytime and anywhere, show the strength of the school, and attract more students. Can publish to the network, also can make it the school introduces CD to send.

In the history of mankind, any technological innovation that can cause revolutionary impact will eventually fundamentally change our way of life. For example, cars and airplanes have changed the way we travel, radio and television have changed the way we access information, and the influence of the Internet is even more profound.