Domestic and foreign VR development status: winter or high summer?

- Jan 16, 2018-

Domestic and foreign VR development status: winter or high summer?


With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, VR and AR have also ushered in the development opportunities. Meanwhile, with the promotion of games, tourism, education and other industries, VR has gradually entered the people's field of vision, and its popularity still keeps going up. In this context, VR has been dubbed the "Internet plus", and even the industry thinks it will overturn traditional economic patterns and business models. So what is the development of VR?

Development of VR at home and abroad.

Virtual reality, VR for short, is to use computer simulation to create a virtual three-dimensional space, through the user's visual, tactile and auditory sensory simulation, such as for the users to produce the illusion of intimacy. In other words, the user sees the scene and the characters are simulated, all fake.

The heat of the first two years, the VR has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs, a large number of VR experience pavilion are located in major shopping malls, scenic area, because of the concept of the novel and special experience, attract many users, but the real consumer buying users are few and far between. Due to the long - term income of funds, this makes some VR experience halls directly strangled in the cradle.

Under the lure of VR heat and profit, companies such as HTC, xiaomi and huawei in China have also entered the market and grabbed the market. Among them, HTC is the earliest and strongest. As is known to all, HTC was known as the "only mobile phone maker who dared to compete with apple" in its early days as a smartphone. But the market is always changing, in 2015-2016, HTC was suddenly "Waterloo", the mobile phone market being swallowed by a domestic rival, the outside world but also spread the message of the takeover to HTC for many times. Also at this time, HTC CEO ms wang began to shift strategy, VR industry layout, only less than two years time, HTC VR technology has entered the global top three, its product sales is the world's first many times.

In VR, xiaomi and huawei are newcomers. As is known to all, xiaomi has been taking a cost-effective route with its unique marketing model, and its products are more at the mid-end level, and VR is no exception. On January 8, 2018, xiaomi officially announced its cooperation with Oculus and will release the Chinese version of Oculus Go. At the same time, xiaomi believes that the VR industry is just beginning, and will undergo at least two metamorphosis compared with the smartphone industry.

In terms of input, huawei's bet on VR is much heavier than xiaomi's. Huawei's way of thinking is quite open at the same time, to the VR technology is used for all huawei's flagship of the machine, but because of VR on the mobile phone performance demand is higher, mid-range machine support almost hopeless, it also makes the huawei had to change development strategy. Of course, what huawei and xiaomi have in common is that they attach great importance to VR. Unlike xiaomi, huawei is more inclined to adopt lightweight wireless methods, such as electromagnetic positioning technology.

The growth status and forecast of China's VR market.

Can be seen from the above data, in 2015 the domestic VR market size is only 1.52 billion yuan, in 2016 the size of the market has turned over many times, up to 6.74 billion yuan, through the understanding and analysis of marketing forecasts, to 2020, the domestic VR market scale or up to 72 billion yuan. Look from the market growth, VR the size of the market is almost a geometric growth of the industry, because the VR hardware areas is too broad, as long as one of the large scale field, will lead to a major increase in the size of the market.

In 2014, Google, samsung launched the VR devices respectively Google Cardboard, Gear VR, caused great repercussions in the industry, and caused the SONY, razer (the world's biggest game peripheral equipment company), and the attention of companies like Facebook.

From the perspective of VR related patent application status and VR technology application, the us has been in the leading position for a long time. In fact, the concept of VR technology was first proposed by VPL exploration company in the United States, which was later promoted by NASA and made it gradually enter our life.

In terms of research and development, the us has four major aspects: perception, user interface, background software and hardware; The UK studies parallel processing, ancillary equipment and applications. But in any case, they are all aligned, pushing VR technology into more areas and giving users a better experience.

As capital is cautious about VR investment, the road of VR market is narrowed, and some enterprises have already announced their death in the birth before they have been shipped. Therefore, they are referred to as the so-called VR winter theory. Some companies at home and abroad, on the other hand, although does not have any products, but still getting hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, there is no doubt that this phenomenon shows the broad prospects of VR market, this also is the industry's theory of VR midsummer.

Vertical development, qiqi blossom VR industry foreground still.

Regardless of the rumors, the VR market is still expanding, but in terms of development, more companies are struggling with its slow development and not standing still. Looking back at 2017, content is the most critical role in VR. From PC to mobile end to VR, VR involves more and more areas, such as games, movies, education and wearable. And from the consumer response data, the entertainment field may become the core area of VR development.

With the improvement of living standards, people's consumption in the entertainment field is also high. According to incomplete statistics, only in 2017, Chinese consumers spend hundreds of billions of dollars on entertainment facilities, and the trend is still rising.

At home, the development of VR has always been a topic of controversy among various enterprises. In this regard, the author summarizes the following development directions in the light of the model and direction of VR development in recent years:

First, respond to national policies and seize the opportunity of VR development. Around 2016, with the support of the ministry of industry and information technology, China established the "China virtual reality industry alliance", and launched the white paper 5.0 on the development of virtual reality industry. This also indicates the direction for the development of VR industry in China, and reflects the state's attitude towards the development of VR industry.

Second, to understand the market, the potential users. In China, with the long-term development of the Internet, after 80, 90, 00 and after will be the main entertainment industry consumption, and as a representative of the entertainment mode in the novel, interesting, or VR technology will become the first selection of this part of the consumer.

Third, determine the industry standard, see the leading enterprises. The so-called "nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards", an industry want to long-term development, must have the corresponding industry standards, at the same time, in the process of development, leading enterprises will also be the beacon to other enterprises.

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