Easyfun VR Virtual Reality Machine Flight Simulator 360 Degree for VR Center

- Sep 09, 2019-

Easyfun VR Virtual Reality Machine Flight Simulator 360 Degree for VR Center

VR, Chinese name virtual reality, provides 360-degree sensory simulation of stereo, panoramic, visual, auditory, tactile and other stereoscopic simulations, showing the imaginary “ideal country” and “sci-fi experience” with more realistic effects, satisfying human beings’ “dreams come true” Craving, let the experiencer feel immersive.

VR Flight


9D VR flight


In order to allow customers to better experience the feeling of flying, the VR flight incorporates a design of air blowing, ascending and descending and 360-degree rotation, so that the experiencer can not only feel the wind blowing through the ear during flight, but also experience the flight up and down. The 360-degree rotation of the wonderful flying feeling.

In addition to the space-time aircraft, Easyfun also launched "HTC VR SPACE", "VR Motorcycle", "Gatlin Battle" and other more than a dozen devices, all of which are excellent VR devices that are carefully crafted. Of course, these devices are also as expected. The same, got the love and support of the public.

Some of the VR theme parks are so hot that it’s really unexpected. Although VR is facing many difficulties in approaching ordinary consumers, thanks to the interactive functions that are born, VR technology is widely used in many consumer fields in the future. In the future, VR may bring surprises to the consumer field. Just like in science fiction, the character can bring the virtual world into the virtual world with the device. Easyfun VR brings new experiences from all aspects of sight, hearing and touch.