Eight strategies for children's naughty castle management

- Apr 09, 2019-

Eight strategies for children's naughty castle management


There are so many investors who choose indoor children's naughty castles, but the investment is easy, but the operation is not easy. It is most important to manage indoor children's naughty castle popularity. If the popularity is there, the income will naturally go up. How to improve the popularity of the venue? This is closely related to strategic promotion. The following are the promotion and promotion of indoor children's naughty castle. The eight strategies hope to help increase the popularity and revenue of the venue.

First, the theme activity strategy. From time to time, we organize a variety of funny children's competitions, or parent-child themed activities, attracting children and parents, and accumulating popularity.

Second, the store celebration strategy. At each celebration, the strategy of implementing a membership card to offer discounts helps foster customer loyalty, increase revenue, and enhance the brand influence of indoor children's parks.

Third, the toy sales strategy. Specially prepared for children with a variety of novel and funny toys, children can not only play in the naughty castle, but also can buy it back and play at home.

Fourth, free experience strategy. On the day of business, perhaps special holidays, it is open to the public free of charge, so that children can appreciate the beauty of indoor children's naughty castles, attract parents to watch, and carry out the match for a long time.

Fifth, the holiday promotion strategy. Implement different discount policies at major festivals to attract more new customers and increase revenue.

Sixth, the old-for-new strategy. The child's old toys can be replaced with new or different toys (by way of lottery tickets, etc.), through the trade-in strategy, so that indoor children naughty castle is more sticky to children.

Seven, children's file strategy. Freely create a common growth file for each member and child, let the indoor children naughty castle go deeper into the child's life, and pay more attention to the child's growth.

 Eight, mutual benefit and win-win strategy. Collaborate with various training organizations, such as English training classes, to let children practice English in a happy and playful way; cooperate with major kindergartens and primary schools to provide them with support for various competition activities, perhaps provide commercial funding, expand influence, increase income.