Experience the dynamic effects of 5D, 6D, and 7D between the three

- Jul 23, 2017-

3D movies are now known. 5D movies have been released in individual theaters, but not yet. As for 6D movies, the average audience is less known, and now into the 7D era, it's so loud that I can't keep up with it".

So what's the difference between 5D, 6D, and 7D three? The exhibition curator is introduced, 5D is "auditory visual, tactile, olfactory dynamic film background and effect", in these 5 aspects, makes the audience "6D movie in personally on the scene"; based on 5D films, increase the human-computer interaction, and the audience can screen "dialogue", for example shooting screen beast or the enemy; 7D film and film is better, in addition to human interaction, there are interaction between people in the theater, the audience more emphasis on individuality experience." Exhibitor introduction.

"Dynamic seat" can change position continuously, as if he is one of the characters, 7D cinema can imitate the wind, rain, thunder and lightning and other natural effects, dynamic seat to full motion, can make viewers feel strongly about change.

The reporter understands, 7D theater environment settings similar to ordinary theater, but the number of seats only 7, and the 5D cinema in the dynamic seat with before and after the film plot "to swing around, keep step with" in the 7D theater, everyone will play a different role, the swing seat will be based on individual the role change, even in the same scene with a seat in the film, "before and after the level is also different. In addition to the 5D movie's sense of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and stereoscopic and dynamic, the 7D movie also added handheld props, each with a real ID.

"With the development of the plot of the movie, the audience like in the storm, lightning, rain, impact and other situations. For example, in a field of operations in the movie, he will stay in the "brave the wind and dew" Snowstorm raging in the scene. Viewers can also pick up weapons and fight monsters in the screen. Even the audience in the cinema will become "allies" or "rivals."". Everyone's "record" in the movie will bring him different pictures. For example, in a gunfight, if you hit the monster, the movie will develop in one direction, but if the monster escapes, the movie will develop in another direction.