Four key elements of the lottery game machine area

- Dec 17, 2018-

Four key elements of the lottery game machine area

The lottery area is a relatively independent area, including machine, gift box, lottery tickets, stools, staff, etc. The open overall space, lively and pleasant atmosphere, makes the player's adhesion greatly improved. Several major factors, we break down one by one.


The first element, the location of the lottery game machine area

Where is the lottery area placed? The lottery area must be placed in the most gift-exchange area, so that after the game is over, the ticket will be changed and the gift will be changed immediately.

The lottery area pays attention to the overall atmosphere, forming a unique atmosphere and consumption consciousness of "playing games - saving lottery tickets - changing gifts". When the player's consumption habits are cultivated, it will be found that the reflow rate and the repurchase rate are greatly improved. This is a strong guarantee for the revenue of the venue.


The second element, the gift cabinet

As a unique gift display in the lottery area, the gift cabinet plays an irreplaceable role in attracting consumers. A dazzling array of gifts, all displayed in front of the consumer, as long as the consumer goes to play the game, you can get the lottery, and then redeem the things you like!

Generally speaking, the gift cabinet is divided into two parts, one is a transparent glass cabinet with a desk-like height, and some fine small gifts are placed, and there is a large gift cabinet behind the checkout counter, which is placed according to the type of the venue. Gift.

Gift cabinets must be made to have characteristics, the bigger the better, the layout is as exquisite as possible, and the gifts are beautiful and generous, which can impress the players.


The third element, the ticket

It is highly recommended that venues use physical lottery tickets. Before and after the use of the physical lottery, the amount of money received is more than doubled. Because the physical lottery can give the player a real sense of harvest and surprise, and can get real things, this is the advantage that the electronic lottery can't match.


The fourth element, the ticket machine

This is a very small point, often overlooked by the venue, but in fact, the ticket machine is very important, its speed, quantity and quality of work seriously affect the experience of players in the ticket, deposit, and thus affect consumption The degree of affection for the entire venue. The ticket machine should be placed in the same position as the gift exchange area. Try to keep a certain distance from the member card recharge area, and do not affect the consumers at the checkout counter.

Even if it is a small venue, it is recommended to have 2 or more slot machines. Don't let players spend too much time to line up the tickets. Otherwise, it is easy for your players to lose.


The above four points are the key elements for the opening of the lottery area. To sum up, it is to let consumers experience the unique surprises of the lottery machine in an attractive environment and enjoy a pleasant user experience.