Four requirements for purchasing a doll machine

- Sep 29, 2018-

Four requirements for purchasing a doll machine



Recently, the popularity of the doll machine has gradually increased. On the Internet, many of the dolls have taken their own achievements, attracting more people to try. In fact, in many shopping malls, you can see the figure of the doll machine. Both young people and children like to play. As a person who wants to start a business through a doll machine, choosing a good device is the first step to success. Next, let's take a look at the four requirements that you need to meet to purchase a doll machine.

1.Control accuracy. In the selection of the doll machine, it must be ensured that the equipment is very high in the correct rate of capture. Generally, many of the cheaper devices on the market have the disadvantage of not being accurate enough. Only high accuracy is the essence of the doll machine, which is the basis for guaranteeing profits.

2.Durability. There is also a requirement for picking a doll machine, which is durable. High-quality doll machines can often be used for more than 10 years under normal conditions. The lower failure rate is also one of the criteria for judging the quality of a doll machine. If you buy cheap machine equipment, repair is the first big problem and it takes time, human and material resources, and affect normal operations.

3.The appearance of light brightness. The appearance of the doll machine should be fresh and eye-catching. In the control of the brightness of the doll machine, the color of the doll must be strictly displayed. The color of the doll should be perfectly displayed under the appropriate brightness. Too bright will be glaring, too dark will affect the line of sight. Lead to the loss of passenger flow.

4.Quality. Nowadays, the configuration of the doll machine on the market is uneven, but in fact, its quality is nothing more than four pieces: chassis, crane, motherboard, accessories, and accessories include rocker, button, power, wire, coin acceptor , LED lights, code tables, door locks, etc., the quality of these accessories determine the quality of the doll machine itself.