Frog hitting machine

- Nov 02, 2018-

Frog hitting machine

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There are many small games for children to play. Although the design is simple, the features that can be shared by parents and children can still be remembered after many years. The game of knocking is one of them. Now, the frog that appears in the shape of a frog knocks on the lottery machine, allowing the player to experience the endless fun of hitting the target again.

There are many game machines in the playground that are suitable for the whole family to play together. The hitting machine like the hamster is one of them. We can often see a picture where parents and children carry a stick together and smash the hamster that pops out of the machine. The scene of the whole family is very warm. Such a simple tapping game, but I do not know how many people weaved unforgettable memories.

Now, the frog hitting machine debuted a few days ago. Although the game is similar to playing the hamster, the target that the player wants to beat is carefully designed into a cute little frog. At the same time, the appearance of the machine is more exquisite and beautiful, so that the frog hitting machine is different and attract the attention of children from the appearance. Not only that, but in addition to making breakthroughs in appearance, in other aspects of game, there are also progressive game levels to provide challenges, not only to satisfy the players with strong wins, but also to increase the fun of the game process.

In addition, this frog hitting machine has different advantages from other machines of the same type. The general machine will always have the problem of bulky and difficult to transport, especially in the era of inch-inch gold. For the store operators, excessively large machines often cause trouble. However, after considering the problems of the first-line players, the frog percussion machine has specially introduced a mini-type, which is ready to enter the game field without occupying space and convenient settings.