Game machines is Australia's most popular online shopping product

- Dec 04, 2018-

Game machines is Australia's most popular online shopping product


As of October, Australians have spent more than $16 billion online this year, an increase of nearly 12% compared to the same period last year. Among them, the electronic game machine ranked first, the most important online shopping consumer items. learned from the Australian media “kotaku” on December 3rd that in October, sales of video game machines and toys increased by 43.9%, which was the highest among all products, followed by household items and household appliances. The ratio increased by 22.1%.

The most interesting thing is that the growth mainly comes from domestic online shopping rather than cross-border online shopping. Australia's domestic online shopping game machine grew by 14.4%, while overseas online shopping only increased by 4.7%. The reason for this phenomenon is partly due to the depreciation of the Australian dollar.

The total retail sales of physical retail store game products has also risen sharply, but it is still not comparable to online retail stores.

National Australia Bank (NAB) predicted last year that online video game machine sales growth will continue to lead traditional retail stores.

Despite the significant increase in machine sales, the video game market is still unstable, and it is ultimately a market that is highly variable. A variety of new products are emerging in the market. According to NAB statistics, sales of game machines increased significantly in October this year, while sales in July and August were very general.

The main group of online shopping game machines is between 35-44 years old. In addition, professional online gamers also tend to buy online game machines and trust online retailers.