Google: daily VR demand has surfaced but VR still needs to be more social

- Nov 08, 2017-

Google: daily VR demand has surfaced but VR still needs to be more social


On November 08, 2017, Google has invested heavily in virtual reality, bringing the Daydream VR headset to the market, and users can start a VR world by simply inserting a smartphone. But despite the fact that Google virtual reality business and operations associate director Amit Singh is candid, we still need to overcome some obstacles.

In the global network summit held in Lisbon, Portugal, Singh explained: "a lot of people feedback said, virtual reality is a big obstacle, it is still a so independent experience, so that the virtual reality can be isolated."

But Singh added: "however, I think there is a solution. We have introduced some functions, such as allowing DayDream users with friends to watch YouTube video, live on television or via ChromeCast VR experience, so as to make the user's family also can see they are experiencing. But it is clear that VR needs to become a more social experience if it is to become a more mainstream device."

When asked how he can make people stop using VR as a new technology, Mr Singh says demand for the daily VR experience has emerged.

"I wouldn't say that the demand for daily VR experiences is so great that they need to be more compelling to match this demand," he said. We recently made a VR video series with Vogue, and you can get the daily fashion advice from the top models' wardrobes. My daughter loves it and spends five minutes a day. She doesn't like games or technology, so obviously that's what we need to target."