Grab the doll by hand! VR technology is applied to the doll machine

- Jan 01, 2019-

Grab the doll by hand! VR technology is applied to the doll machine

With regard to the doll machine, many people's reactions are too difficult. It is hard to pinch one, and the eyes are quickly clipped out. But the claws are slightly shocked and the dolls are lost. Of course, there are also masters of the dolls, one grasps the standard, but also summed up the skills of the strategy, but for us mortals, it is still too difficult to learn.


Is it necessary to give up this game of showing childlikeness and satisfying vanity? Don't be discouraged! In a recent game show, there was a magical doll machine that didn't use a joystick and grabbed the doll with bare hands.

Standing in front of the doll machine, the hand is stretched forward, the clip is forward, and when the doll is placed above the fist, the clip is put down and grabbed.

This seemingly ordinary clip-on doll machine does not have a manual lever, and relies on the user's gesture to control the movement of the paws. What magic has been applied?

This is a technique of gesture tracking. We just apply it to virtual reality. It is much more interesting than the traditional method to catch the doll.

The gesture tracking technology is used to display a binocular camera called fingo and three infrared emitters for gesture recognition.

Fingo means let finger go, which is to let the finger do a free movement. It has two cameras inside, imagine it as the whole person's eyes are watching an object, and then all your moving movements are in three dimensions. The state can be captured.




I feel quite fun, because when it comes to the hand, it has the real feeling of being there. Then it will track the movements of my gestures, and then its sensitivity may still be a little different from my real hand.


The world of virtual reality is really more and more real! Although in some scene experiences, if the head wear time is too long, it will be a bit heavy. But looking to the future, smart wearable devices may even get smaller and smaller, just to wear a pair of glasses. At that time, whether virtual reality is virtual or reality, I am afraid that it will be stupid and unclear, I am afraid I have to master a skill to identify the real thing.