How can I play ocean ball

- Jan 21, 2019-

How can I play ocean ball


1, a person to play: how to play how to play

2, versus play: take the children, about friends, to a throw ball war! Of course, the premise is to ensure that the premise of safety oh;

3, many people play: several people together submerged in the sea of the ball, hide and seek, buried snowman, only can not think of, not play.

Children area:

Slide. Parents with children, a family from the slide together into the ocean ball pool. Hey, where's the wife? Eva?

2. Super trampoline. Wouldn't it be fun to imagine jumping around in an endless, colorful pool of ocean balls without any pain?

3. Giant inflatable roller. How drill how roll all not afraid, how a hi word get.

Not international enough? So giant minions, killer sharks, and sea turtle dolls compete to pose for photos with your cutouts.

5. Double inflatable kayak. Ready for the selfie stick.

6. Some of the millions of ocean balls are also in the center stage, with one or two ocean ball fountains.

An empty ball, an ocean ball rain, so beautifully staged.

7. Giant yo-yo, rock climbing wall, jumping platform, caterpillar tunnel, submarine, fish yoyo.

The above is a natural match for the ocean pool of amusement equipment, must have, and must be huge, must be cool.

Adult area:

Swimming competition

The venue operator wants to hold some activities to attract consumers, swimming competition is a good choice, how to swim without water? Swimming in a million ocean balls, of course. So what's the experience of swimming in an ocean ball pool? Play just know, you play back remember to tell me small oh.

2. Pillow contest

Can you imagine a group of adults standing in a pool of ocean balls, all with pillows, smashing into each other? It's a joke, of course, but it's a great way to free up your nature and relieve stress. A pillow fight can free you from the stress of work, life and study. Do you take part in this activity?